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Interview with Lloyd Pye about the Starchild Skull - July 27, 2013

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Where Did the Road Go? Show Archive

Lloyd Pye is a researcher and author known for his work with the Starchild Skull and Intervention Theory. Lloyd began writing in 1975, then became a screenwriter in Hollywood in the 1980s. In 1995, he found his passion writing nonfiction in Alternative Knowledge.
Lloyd's fields of expertise include Intervention Theory, the origins of life, of human life, of alien reality, of hominoid (bigfoot, yeti, etc.) reality. We talk about...
  • The origins of the Starchild Skull
  • The differences between it and a normal human skull.
  • What it could be.
  • How old it is.
  • The DNA and what it means.
  • The way science has dealt with it.
  • Mainstream dismissal.
You can learn more about Lloyd and his work at and

Interview with Patrick Harpur, author of Daimonic Reality - July 20, 2013

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Where Did the Road Go? Show Archive

Patrick Harpur is an accomplished writer, whose topics deal with forteana and folklore, Daimonic Reality, Alchemy, the Paranormal, and much more.
In his book, Daimonic Reality, Harpur argues that the human psyche extends beyond the confines of the physical human body, and that it may in fact be a part of our reality. He also notes that during most of human history, civilization have had another, "shadow reality" of folklore, except the current society which is strongly attached to the material. 
His latest work, which you can find reviewed here, is entitled, The Secret Tradition of the Soul. It deals with concepts of the soul and it's conflict with Spirit. It talks of ancient traditions, and what is missing from our world. It talks of the Soul of the World, and what happens afterwards. And so do we, in this interview.
We also talk about the Paranormal, and a new, or maybe more accurately, old way of viewing reality that is very different than our current material, reductionist view. This is a deep interview, and it runs a bit long, close to 80 minutes. This interview was pre-recorded June 26, 2013.

Interview with Scotty Roberts, author of The Secret History of the Reptilians - July 13, 2013

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Where Did the Road Go? Show Archive

In this interview we talk with Scott Alan Roberts about his latest work, The Secret History of the Reptilians, which traces the role of the serpent in our history and the different ways that cultures have viewed reptiles. We will discuss the current Reptilian ET beliefs, and get his thoughts on David Icke. We also discuss his previous work, The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim, and his new upcoming book on the Exodus.
Scott is the founder and publisher of Intrepid Magazine (, a journal dedicated to politics, science, UFOs, unexplained phenomena and alternative fringe theories. He is an accomplished illustrator and writer of fiction and non-fiction occupationally hovering in the advertising ghettos of Minneapolis & Saint Paul, Minnesota. He has been interviewed on scores of radio shows, is a former political talk radio show host and was editor-in-chief of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters official publication, TAPS ParaMagazine.
Scott attended bible college and theological seminary, pursuing his Masters in Divinity (Mdiv) while working as a youth director. During his time in academia, he focused on his personal passions for history, theater and art. His religious studies were an obvious springboard for his continuing interest in spirituality, and his research of paranormal phenomena expanded throughout the subsequent years.
After his ministerial education, Scott’s career took a sharp left turn, and he went on to spend the next two-and-a-half decades as a creative ad man. He launched a small comic book publishing effort, Bent Nail Comix, writing and illustrating stories, some of which were eventually pitched for animated television. He co-created the highly successfulAncient Heroes trading card series, and began development on a line of young readers books. He authored and illustrated his first historical novel, The Rollicking Adventures of Tam O'Hare (, an anthropomorphized historical novel set in Tudor England, Ireland, and Scotland, which garnered broad attention with teen and college readers.
Scott considers himself a contemplative, spiritual man of consideration who sees intelligence, wit, justice and touch as quantifiable necessities. He values a good pipe, a stout pint, and considers himself a purist when it comes to single malt highland Scotch - which he deems not a tool of inebriation, but rather an enlightened repast to be shared with colleagues and like-minded pedagogues of philosophy and hob-knobbing banter. He does not shy away from a good fight – whether academic or existential - and has had a few classical brawls in his day. However, in keeping with what he sees as his paradoxical nature, Scott prefers employing words over weapons, wit above profanity, spirituality above religion, stalwartness above inconstancy. “As I grow older,” Roberts says, “my jaded cynicism is wholly tempered by my desire to not become an ass.” His scholarship is true, his humor is wry, his mind is fertile, and his love is deep.
Scott lives with his wife and children, just across the Minnesota border in rural Wisconsin, where he remains an avid Vikings fan; a stranger in a strange land.

Interview with Julia Assante, Author of The Last Frontier - July 6, 2013


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Where Did the Road Go? Show Archive


We talk with Julia Assante, Ph.D., author of The Last Frontier. Julia is an established social historian of the ancient Near East (PhD Columbia University). Yet for over three decades she has also been an active professional intuitive. In her book, The Last Frontier: Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death, she applies the insights and methodologies gained from both fields in order to present a uniquely rigorous investigation of where we go after we die. Quoted from her website(
"The Last Frontier explores all phases of death, dying, the afterlife and how to communicate with those who are living it. Above all it is a critical investigation of what happens when we die. That means it is not based on religious teachings or on spiritual traditions but on research drawn from several sources: from consciousness research, Near Death Experiences and Nearing Death Awareness studies; from physics, quantum biology and parapsychology; from the records of past-life therapists, medical personnel and bereavement counselors, and from the many thousands of published testimonies people have given of their personal communication with the dead. It is also based on my own experience working with the dying and the dead as a professional medium. The social historian side of me examines the various constructions of the afterlife from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to the present to show that cultures produced different versions of the afterlife to meet specific socio-political agendas. The afterlife religions currently teach are recent inventions in the course of humanity’s long history. So is sin, as we understand it today. In fact, the heaven-and-hell notion of the afterlife developed centuries after the Books of the New Testament were written.
One of its central questions The Last Frontier answers is why we know so shockingly little about what happens after death. Just asking people what they think happens is likely to cause discomfort, if not scorn. Others might say they don’t know and warn you not to think about it. Still others might recite the standard heaven-and-hell version, while the less orthodox will talk about joining deceased family members. Few dare to seriously reflect on life after death. Even fewer listen to what their intuitions tell them. We feel that thinking about death is macabre, unhealthy, somehow anti-life and brings the Grim Reaper one step closer. Most people keep their distance by taking the “I dunno” stance and leave it to science to figure it out.
Given that death is everyone’s final destination—our “last frontier,” you would think scientists would make every effort to discover what happens after we die. Instead, most of them will tell you nothing happens; when your body dies, it’s over. But how do they know? No scientist or skeptic to date has been able to provide a shred of proof that the end of the body spells the end of consciousness too. Even worse, they turn their backs on the enormous amount of evidence that does demonstrate postmortem survival."


Interview with Frater Enatheleme on Aleister Crowley - June 29, 2013


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Where Did the Road Go? Show Archive

Aleister Crowley is a much maligned figure in our culture. On this show we set as much of the record straight as possible. A brilliant man, far ahead of his time, who has had a profound impact on our modern culture, is often wrongly accused of being a Satanist, a Black Magician, or worse. He had fun with these misconceptions, but the ignorance of who and what Aleister Crowley was, is something we clear up. Crowley was a brilliant man, an record setting mountain climber, a ceremonial Magickian, and someone who deeply explored our various states of consciousness. He practiced Yoga, and revived many old and lost spiritual traditions. He was also openly bi-sexual when it was in no way acceptable. Crowley died on December 1, 1947.
This night we spoke with Frater EnathelemeFrater Enatheleme has been an autodidact for most of his adulthood. He is now a student of biomedical physics at Portland Community College and Portland State University, a NASA National Community College Aerospace Scholar, and a member of Phi Theta Kappa honor society.
Frater Enatheleme is a Thelemite, Priest of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, and Initiator of Mysteria Mystica Maxima. He is former editor of Agapé and of Lion & Serpent, and a principal contributor to Thelemapedia. He is a founding co-producer and contributor for the monthly Speech in the Silence podcast and the creator of AC2012. He also co-edited and contributed to the proceedings book from NOTOCON VII.
Frater Enatheleme has participated in hundreds of public dramatic rituals in the last two decades, in every aspect of such productions. This has included performance in solo ritual, performance in Eucharistic ceremony and initiatory rites, direction and production of invocative performances with full lighting & live music, and promotion and support of dramatic ritual groups in other cities.
We talked with Frater Enatheleme about Crowley's true history and teachings. His impact on our world and culture, and the common misconceptions about him and his work. And for that matter his connections to Egypt and the Great Pyramid, and the rather profound thing that happened to him one night in the King's Chamber...

Interview with Gary Evans - Acoustics of Ancient Sites - June 22, 2013

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Where Did the Road Go? Show Archive

Gary Evans has been studying ancient cultures and Earth mysteries for 20 years. From his studies of ancient cultures around the world, Gary has realized how deeply our ancestors appreciated Nature; something many of us have become disconnected from in the modern age. His keen interest in an unfamiliar chapter of pre-history, before Sumeria (3500BCE), has led to the website and various lectures around the UK, US and Egypt. He is a regular contributor to international radio shows. 
Gary also helps organize and lead tours to some of the most powerful ancient sites around the world. He has become increasingly interested in sound resonance and its potential to change our state of consciousness; he often leads toning workshops on location. On tours, Gary leads groups with an “experiential approach” in efforts to help guests “tune in” and experience the sites in a far deeper way. 
Additionally, Gary actively helps to promote greater awareness of ancient mysteries to the public as the PR agent for a number of best selling alternative authors. Gary's work as agent in the alternative arena has given him the opportunity to speak to authors, radio show hosts, and TV producers around the world. Gary has recently been working with producers for the History Channel, and as a consultant for a large number of magazine editors, TV and radio show hosts. He also uses his PR skills in the promotion of conferences such as CPAK, Awake and Aware in the USA and Megalithomania and, following the end of the Stars and Stones forum, the Eternal Knowledge Festival, in the UK. When not working on conferences he is organizing and running tours to Egypt, Peru, Bolivia, Stonehenge and many other sacred sites. 
In this interview, we talk about...
  • Energy at Ancient Sites
  • Acoustic Properties and How to use them.
  • Altered States of Consciousness
  • The Great Pyramid
  • Various Sites in the UK
  • The role of Crystal in the constructions
  • What crystal can do.
  • Healing energy.
  • Connecting with the Earth.

Interview with Paul Davids - The Life After Death Project 6-15-13

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Where Did the Road Go? Show Archive

The Life After Death Project is a new documentary that was shown on Syfy in May. The just-released Collector's Edition 2-DVD Set includes a sequel film (The Life After Death Project 2 - Personal Encounters). Together, these films, from award-winning filmmaker Paul Davids, explore evidence for life after death and After Death Communication (ADC) from physical evidence, synchronicities, mediums, personal testimonies and Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), which is the use of modern technology to communicate with spirits. In the first film, the focus is on strange, apparently paranormal events that several university scientists conclude may be communication from Forrest J Ackerman, who died December 4, 2008 at age 92. Ackerman was a Los Angeles, California-based magazine editor, science fiction writer and literary agent, a founder of science fiction fandom and possibly the world's most avid collector of genre books and movie memorabilia. He was the editor and principal writer of the American magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland, as well as an actor and producer from the 1950s into the 1980s. He was also an atheist. He did not believe in life after death, but told friends that if he was wrong, he would drop them a line.
I talked with writer, producer, director Paul Davids about these documentaries and what happened to him. Paul is an accomplished author, filmmaker, and artist, who was a close friend of Forry Ackerman and who experienced many unexplained incidents that began around the time of a large tribute in Hollywood for "Forry." He took physical evidence to science departments at three universities for research, and the results were astonishing, leading Professor and author Gary E. Schwartz to conclude this may be the best case of After Death Communication on record. This is a very interesting and original piece of work. You can find more about the documentary at, you can check out Paul's art at, and some more tech inspired work at You can also check out some of his other movies at and

Interview with Stephen Mehler on Ancient Egypt - June 8, 2013

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Where Did the Road Go? Show Archive

Stephen Mehler is an expert in Khemitology. Khemit is the true ancient name of Egypt. Why Khemitology instead of Egyptology? Because Egyptology doesn't cover everything or offer valid explanations for all that we see and experience at the sites in Egypt, Indigenous Wisdom Keeper, Abd’el Hakim Awyan developed the discipline of Khemitology, which offers an alternative, higher dimensional perspective of Egypt’s heritage. Much evidence of glaring anomalies has been discovered throughout Egypt, which warrants our collective continued research of the legacy that a highly advanced civilization left behind more than 10,000 years ago.
This interview was conducted in May of 2013. We discuss a large variety of topics, including...
  • Crystal Skulls
  • Modern vs Ancient Skulls
  • What their purpose may have been.
  • The oral history of Egypt.
  • Khemitology.
  • Unknown pyramids related to the Giza Plateau. 
  • How old the Pyramids may really be.
  • What happened to the casing stones?
  • The age of the Sphinx.
  • What the pyramid was for.
  • Lost civilizations.
  • Cataclysms. 
  • What Egypt is like now to visit.
You can find the The Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism at

Interview with Robert Schoch, author of Forgotten Civilization - June 1, 2013

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Where Did the Road Go? Show Archive

Robert Schoch returns to the show to talk about Easter Island and Alternative Science. Aside from being a Geologist and pursuing alternative archaeology  Dr. Schoch has also authored a book on the Paranormal. We will be discussing this, as well as cutting edge findings in science that may take us in a whole new direction in the future.

Robert is the Geologist who re-dated the Sphinx to a much earlier date back in the early 90's, and since then, he has been following that trail along the path of a lost civilization. Schoch is a scientist that is not afraid to follow the evidence where it leads. On this special 2 hour edition of Where Did the Road Go?, we discuss...
  • Easter Island and it's many mysteries
  • Do all statues on Easter Island have bodies?
  • Mu and Lemuria
  • Gobekli Tepe and other sites in Turkey
  • Celestial Alignments
  • Underground Cities
  • How old could Gobekli Tepe be?
  • New discoveries on the site.
  • Cycles of Time.
  • Cutting Edge Science
  • Quantum Entangled Diamonds
  • Water and what it can do.
  • ELF Waves
  • Acoustic Properties
  • Egypt and how old the Pyramids may be.
  • The Yonaguni Monument
  • Giants
  • The Bosnian Pyramid
and of course, much more...
We also had Robert on the show back in February (which you can check out in the Archive) and we talked about Gobekli Tepe, his experiences with other scientists and egyptologists, and evidence of solar outbursts in our distant past. He also has a tour coming up in Turkey, which includes Gobekli Tepe, in June. You can also find my review of his most recent book here.

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