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Strange Familiars: Episode 27: Lights in the Woods

Strange FamiliarsTimothy briefly revisits Flannel Man (see episode 26) and reads a new encounter submitted by a listener. Timothy and James K., while sitting in a haunted church in Columbia PA (more on that in a future episode), discuss some very unusual lights seen at Site 7. Then we turn to on-site recordings to hear Timothy, James R., and Jeff visit Site 7 to see and interact with the weird lights. James R. sees a large shadowy figure in the trees. More unusual sounds are heard coming from the trees.

If you haven’t listened to our first two Site 7 episodes you may want to check those out first to get some background on all the strange phenomena associated with the area. See Strange Familiars episodes 19 & 20.

Episode 27 notes and links:

Nurse With Wound bandcamp:

Timothy’s original Lights in the Woods cover art for this episode is available to purchase here:



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Intro and background music byStone Breath. You can find more at

The song which closes the episode isA Sorrow Spell from theStone Breath album The Night Bird’s Psalm.

Timothy‘s live album, recorded by himself in a haunted church. Live Alone 1 is now available: