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David and Ben Paulides on Missing 411 - The Movie (Mid-Week Podcast)

Missing 411 the movie

David Paulides and his son Ben join me to talk about their new Documentary, Missing 411 - The Movie. The Kickstarter for it ends on August 16th, 2015 at 9:30AM. Please Donate, or at least spread the word. This needs to be made. David and Ben talk about the progress they have made so far, as well as some strange things that have happened during early filming. I also throw in some folkloric connections at the end to get David's take on it. 



We also talk about an article Patrick Harpur wrote called Landscape of Panic (I mispoke in the audio of the show and called it Panic in the Woods). If you would like to read a copy, send Patrick a polite email and ask for a copy. You can find his email address at his website;

End music by Sax Myle. 

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