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About This Show

When it comes to unexplained phenomena, it is just that. Unexplained. We try to approach this from as many different ways as possible, and to throw out the assumptions that have driven research for a very long time. These strange experiences people have, no matter what you want to label or catagorize them as, are real in some way. They have been reported throughout history and across cultures. If nothing else, they are a very Human experience. None of the theories we have may even come close to divining what we are actually experiencing, if they did, we would have some answers. We do not know what Reality is, what life or death are, or truly why we are here. We do know that our senses filter much out, and our memories do not work like we think they do. New approaches are needed if we are ever to make any progress at all in understanding what we are interacting with. Some of that comes from understanding ourselves, and some of that comes from having a truly open mind in confronting those things that defy explanation. We need new eyes, perspectives, and better questions. That is the goal of Where Did the Road Go? To go places that have not been tread before, and explore new things from new angles. To leave the well worn road, and wander...

Gateways to Magonia - Our First Paranormal Movie

We have created one movie, thus far, that deals with the paranormal. It is entitled, Gateways to Magonia, in tribute to the brilliant book Passport to Magonia: On UFOs, Folklore, and Parallel Worlds by Jacques Vallee. The movie is fiction, but some of it is based on real events that have happened, in some form, to the host of this show, or based on real events that have happened to others. Metaphysical, paranormal, philisophical, it leads you down a path to make you doubt what reality really is. Viewed from only the main character's perspective, we hope to give the viewer some idea of what dealing personally with the paranormal, espeically uninvited, can be like. When you are lead to question the very basis of your existence, you have very little to hold on it. There is also a lot of symbolism hidden throughout. This was made with no real budget, but we feel that is an accomplishment, not a detriment. It also tips its hat to John Keel, Jacques Vallee, and HP Lovecraft, among others.

There are bloopers, deleted scenes, and a commentary track, which are available on the DVD. You can download the DVD image, with covers, for FREE, by clicking HERE. Please feel free to share. Be aware the ISO image for this is 4.3 Gigs. You can also just watch it on Vimeo below. The only warning we must give you is that there is a good amount of swearing in the film.

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