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The Forever Angels with PMH Atwater - May 8, 2021

Seriah welcomes prolific author, NDE experiencer, and researcher PMH Atwater. Topics include consciousness, humans' divine nature, NDEs in young children, the life-long effects of early life NDEs, reincarnation, pre-incarnate experiences, the different types of NDEs among adults, the different forms of "the light", post-NDE psychic experiences and enhanced intelligence, synesthesia, OBEs during child abuse, NDE and abduction experiences linked to earlier abuse and trauma, academic study of NDEs, blind people and NDEs, 360 vision, NDE disruption of relationships, personality changes, difficulties of universal unconditional love, suicidal ideation, visualization exercises, twins and chimeras, interactions with Fairy/Fae folk, animals seen in NDEs, Lamarckian genetic theory (!), "Butterfly people", religious condemnation of NDEs, flashes of light at birth and death, and more!

Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music by Meka Nism "Mouth of God"



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