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The UFOlogy Tarot - Nov 8, 2021

Seriah hosts Greg Bishop, Red Pill Junkie (who maybe should now be known as Miguel-angelo), Joshua Cutchin, and Taylor Bell to discuss a very unique artistic project (in which Susan Demeter is also involved). Topics include Tarot, UFOlogy, Josef Allen Hynek, Jacques Vallée, Bob Lazar, Betty and Barney Hill, Whitley Strieber, synchronicity and serendipity in art, playfulness and enjoyment in UFOlogy, paranormal/occult/esoteric integration, open mindedness, "The Key", secret information in art, alchemical imagery, "Forbidden Knowledge" and "Forbidden Science", Grimerica podcast, "The Four Elements of Financial Alchemy: A New Formula for Personal Prosperity" by Jacque Vallee, magical squares, Pennsylvania German folk magick, "The Long Lost Friend", anagrams and the information they contain, the artistic process, gazing into the UFO abyss..., and much more! This is a special episode about a truly unique project!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell



Talking Robert Anton Wilson with Greg Bishop and Adam Gorightly - Sept 25, 2021

Seriah hosts Greg Bishop and Adam Gorightly. The discussion begins with iconic writer/philosopher Robert Anton Wilson and Discordianism- and quickly goes... a lot of places! Topics include: 1960's and 70's counter-cuture, RAW's "Winners Scripts" and changing suicidal negativity, "The Illuminatus! Trilogy", Kerry Thornley, Greg Hill, Dr. Robert Newport, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jim Garrison, JFK assassination investigations and conspiracies, the summer of love, psychedelics, libertarianism, Playboy magazine, Discordian names, pranking important people and organizations, the Illuminati, the John Birch Society, paranoia, Live Action Role Playing, Timothy Leery, Disinfo.Con, RAW's unique funeral, zines and the early internet, model agnosticism, Information Awareness Office, John Poindexter, Operation Mindf****, fake Illuminati chart, Robert Shay, "Principia Discordia", Loompanics Publishing, Discordian Popes, Church of the SubGenius, slack, true skepticism vs. anti-belief, CSICOP, James Randi, dogmatism, reality tunnels, ritual magick, RAW's encounter with possible non-human entities, experience of a number of unconnected people with beings from the Sirius star system, Philip K. Dick, Dorris Lessing, Jim Moseley's "Saucer Smear", artist David Huggins, Susan Demeter-St. Clair, temporarily adopting belief systems, the Virgin of Guadalupe, Aleister Crowley, "Mirage Men", strange phone calls and opened mail, magick and co-creation of reality, Dr. Karla Turner, surveilance and mail manipulation of activists, liminal experiences, Dean Radin, laboratory testing of ESP, Lou Elizondo, remote viewing, ego/greed limiting results, drug testing in today's world, people's unease with uncertainty and ambiguity, David Weatherly, Bigfoot, Lyle Blackburn, the paranormal conference circuit and groupthink, UFOs, and more. This is fascinating conversation, loaded with information and unexpected connections!

Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music by Unverkalt with "Solitude II"



Wandering the Road with Greg, Chris, and Saxon - March 27, 2021

Seriah is joined by Greg Bishop, Chris Ernst, and Super Infra Man. A free-ranging discussion ensues. Topics include memories of Jeff Ritzmann, nuances of phone and recording mediums, subjective vs. objective existence of paranormal "other" phenomena, "universe as information" theories, Newtonian physics vs. Quantum physics as products of differing religions, new age misinterpretations of quantum physics, language affecting perception, "the invisible gorilla" problem, consciousness and memory, paranoia, the late Karla Turner PhD, cattle mutilation, internet culture, and digital privacy. These guys covered a ton of interesting material, I can't wait for the Patreon continuation!




Jeff Ritzmann Collection / Tribute Part 3 - March 26, 2021

This collection is all from shows from 2017 with Jeff, and includes Keeping your Sanity dealing with the Fringe, and Why Paranormal Groups Fail with Greg Bishop, How Belief can work as a Gateway for the Paranormal along with Wren Collier, and a show on the UFO Encounter at the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe back in 1994. That show is also with Joshua Cutchin. There is also a clip from the one time Jeff was on Strange Familiars as part of a collection of UFO encounter stories.



Fringe New Show - October 6, 2018

WDTRGCarSeriah is joined by Adam Sayne and Greg Bishop as they cover some recent Fringe news including the Solar Observatory Story, Skinwalker Ranch, and the following...

Where Have All the UFO's gone?

Where Life Thrives Deep Below the EarthWhere Life Thrives Deep Below the Earth

Possible Life on Mars

A Long Lost Planet?

A Strange Source of Light

Insects as Bioweapons

Unknown Life in NYC Subways...

This and much more...

Outro Music by David Wirsig, Black Eyes.



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