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When it comes to unexplained phenomena, it is just that. Unexplained. We try to approach this from as many different ways as possible, and to throw out the assumptions that have driven research for a very long time. These strange experiences people have, no matter what you want to label or catagorize them as, are real in some way. They have been reported throughout history and across cultures. If nothing else, they are a very Human experience. None of the theories we have may even come close to divining what we are actually experiencing, if they did, we would have some answers. We do not know what Reality is, what life or death are, or truly why we are here. We do know that our senses filter much out, and our memories do not work like we think they do. New approaches are needed if we are ever to make any progress at all in understanding what we are interacting with. Some of that comes from understanding ourselves, and some of that comes from having a truly open mind in confronting those things that defy explanation. We need new eyes, perspectives, and better questions. That is the goal of Where Did the Road Go? To go places that have not been tread before, and explore new things from new angles. To leave the well worn road, and wander...

Cattle Mutes and Gaia - Sept 17, 2022

Seriah is joined by Red Pill Junkie, cattle mutilation researcher David Perkins, and Vuk from the "Tracing Owls" podcast broadcasting from Herzegovina. Topics include Snippy the Horse, the bizarrely specific nature of cattle mutilation, NPR and Fox News coverage of cattle mutilation, UAPs, Christopher O'Brien, allegations of government involvement, a shoot-out with a helicopter, airborne cattle rustlers, non-human entities and high strangeness, extremely rapid organ removal, abduction and return of cattle, authority's discomfort with the unexplained, Gaia theory, James Lovelock, cybernetics and control systems, Jacques Vallee, Darwinism, interaction between the living and non-living, sentience and consciousness, feed-back loops, neo-Darwinism, separation between standard science and mysticism, anthropocentrism, natural selection vs collective assembly, the ubiquity of life, Earth's desire to spread life, bacteria forming complex systems, contamination of other planets with earth bacteria, the collective unconscious, space travel, Carl Jung, imaginal offerings, channeled creativity, Evolutionary Transitions in Individuality (ETIs), animal sacrifice in history and prehistory, cattle's role in human civilization, the theatrical placement of mutilated cows, the Trickster as a force, the "message" of cattle mutilations, society's changing attitudes on cattle-raising, law-enforcement blaming UFOs, the "cow being abducted by a flying saucer" meme, reproduction vs expression, 1930's science fiction, the Biblical story of lamb's blood and Passover, an Indigenous Bolivian woman who confronted a Leprechan-like being preying on her sheep, cattle mutilations in Latin America, the CIA, a bizarre witness of "alien" butchery in progress, mutilated humans, mutilations and attacks on other animals, Linda Molton-Howe, a bizarre pig mutilation, mutilations near NORAD, Skinwalker Ranch, and much more!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is 50 Dollar Dynasty with Aeternum


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