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About This Show

When it comes to unexplained phenomena, it is just that. Unexplained. We try to approach this from as many different ways as possible, and to throw out the assumptions that have driven research for a very long time. These strange experiences people have, no matter what you want to label or catagorize them as, are real in some way. They have been reported throughout history and across cultures. If nothing else, they are a very Human experience. None of the theories we have may even come close to divining what we are actually experiencing, if they did, we would have some answers. We do not know what Reality is, what life or death are, or truly why we are here. We do know that our senses filter much out, and our memories do not work like we think they do. New approaches are needed if we are ever to make any progress at all in understanding what we are interacting with. Some of that comes from understanding ourselves, and some of that comes from having a truly open mind in confronting those things that defy explanation. We need new eyes, perspectives, and better questions. That is the goal of Where Did the Road Go? To go places that have not been tread before, and explore new things from new angles. To leave the well worn road, and wander...

Wandering After Albatwitch - Oct 21, 2023

After attending Alabatwitch Day, Seriah is joined by Timothy and Allison Renner, Chris Ernst, and Tyler Strand. Topics include alchemical teachings, the global phenomenon of non-human entities imparting knowledge, UFOs and spiritual initiations, a youthful encounter with a UFO, curiosity and the paranormal, “The Philosophers Stone” by Peter Marshall, a bizarre experience over the phone earlier that day, the green-skinned children of Woolpit, St. Martin’s Land, strange phone experiences, subtle transmissions, communication by non-physical beings, a video game analogy and the limits of reality, yogis and hidden laws of nature, supernatural vs rare phenomena, the nature of experiencers, the “Hellier” series and magical initiation, fate and free will, Tim Renner’s book “Beyond the Seventh Gate”, Chris Ernst’s film “Corpse”, ebbs and flows in the creative process, Jeff Ritzmann, the need to avoid total immersion in the paranormal, Jeremy Vaeni, “Paratopia” podcast, cross-phenomenon high strangeness, the importance of connecting with nature, going into the wilderness in multiple spiritual traditions, a suspected Bigfoot hoax, the difference between audio and video recordings of paranormal phenomena, analog vs digital recording, the Patterson-Gimlin film, Tobe Johnson, the Siera Sounds, mysterious lights as a universal experience, the observation effect, co-creation, human fascination with fire, spelunking, mining towns in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Tyler’s experience working as a cavern guide, little-known facts about caves, the underworld in world folklore, the Ant People, a bizarre experience of a co-worker in a cavern, kobolds, Fae activity and time dilation, the “Hellier” goblin and its inspiration, the Hopkinsville KY goblins, and much more! This is a fascinating, spontaneous roundtable discussion!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is Stone Breath with The Sleeping Rise


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