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Strange Familiars: Episode 30: La Dame Blanche – Ghostly Women in White

Ines from France tells stories from the long tradition of women-in-white apparitions (“La Dame Blanche”) – as well as some other French folklore: ghostly women-in-green, the local folk healing traditions, a river monster, and more. Ines went to high school in a castle which was home to one of these white ladies. She, as well as many of her classmates and her brother, saw the white lady apparition.

Saint Michel des Perrais, where Ines went to school:

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Episode 30 notes and links:

The cover illustration is by Ursula Renner ( Instagram: @california_uber_alles_goat )

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Intro and background music by Stone Breath. You can find more at

The song which closes the episode is A Ballad of Trees and the Master by The Forest Beggars (with Stone Breath). This song appears on the CD version of the Stone Breath album The Shepherdess and the Bone-White Bird.  (this song is on the 2CD and box set versions only – not available for digital download)

Timothy‘s live album, recorded by himself in a haunted church. Live Alone 1 is now available: