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Strange Familiars: Episode 2 – The Seven Gates of Hell, part 2: The Singing Corpse - February 23, 2017

Strange FamiliarsStrange Familiars explores a variety of subjects in a combination of storytelling, reporting, interviews, and discussion. Cryptids, ghosts, folklore, mythology, and paranormal topics.

Our first cycle of episodes will explore some local legends from York County, Pennsylvania beginning with Toad Road and the Seven Gates of Hell. In our second episode we follow the Codorus Creek north into York city where we hear a tale of a singing corpse, discuss mystery lights, glowing red eyes, ghosts, and more – and we are rewarded with a photographic anomaly while we are there.

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Episode 2 notes and links:

Much of the research for this episode was done for our first book, Beyond the Seventh Gate



Michael Anderson

Martyn Bates

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Strange Familiars is a production of Dark Holler Arts, LLC. Music, art, podcasts, books, and more.

Intro and background music by Stone Breath – which is our band. You can find more at our bandcamp page.

The song which closes this episode was The Singing Corpse which can be found on the Stone Breath album CRYPTIDS.

Episode 2 Images



2 views of Prospect Hill Cemetery


The Gate Lodge


Delilah Burnham’s monument

orb1.jpg orb2.jpg

orb3.jpg orb4.jpg

orb5.jpg orb6.jpg

light anomalies at the Burnham monument

Come back in 2 weeks for episode 3, the conclusion of our debut 3-part series, when we go back to Toad Road for many more strange stories.