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Wandering with SuperInfraSaxonMan - Nov 25, 2023

Seriah is joined by Saxon for a wide-ranging discussion. Topics include a study on false memories, the human mind’s tendency to complete narratives, high strangeness, a weird encounter of Seriah’s, John Keel, Woodrow Derenberger, an early experiment on the flaws of memory, Frederic Bartlett, “War of the Ghosts”, Marte Otten, short-term memory experiments, memory illusions, the brain as filter, deer vs human eyesight, African cattle farmers with thirty shades of the color brown, color-blindness and extra color vision, Chinese Whispers, a study involving communication between Autistic and non-Autistic people, an evolutionary biological explanation for Autism, trauma and perception, the brain fog of long covid, Jason Pargin, trauma as the Devil, life experiences and emotional distress, a listener story about encountering a bizarre object, Saxon’s youthful experience with a fireball, various forms of hairy man phenomenon, a theory about consciousness and perception, David Weatherly, a plantation ghost of a person who never existed, Keith Linder, the Seattle Demon House, an apported Bible, author Michael Marshall Smith, Seriah’s experience with Tim Renner in Gettysburg, differences between experiences and recordings of those experiences, memory and perception, record-keeping and recollection, creativity and the collective unconsciousness, Jason Pargin AKA David Wong’s dismissal of the paranormal, hallucination vs experience, shadow people, Seriah’s encounter with the Evil Corn Monkey, the movie “The Creator”, Patrick Harper and the imaginal realm, experience vs interpretation, sleep paralysis, Louis Proud, Saxon’s experiences with shadow people, the future of video recording, perception vs reality, the disappearance of privacy, Pargin’s views on religion and philosophy, fear of the paranormal, discomfort with uncertainty, apocalyptic predictions, Heaven’s Gate cult suicide, government disclosure, technology for the ultra-rich, and much more! This is some fascinating conversation!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is Dead Harrison with Monolith Lord


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