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WDTRG 10th Anniversary Show - January 21 2023

For this very special 10th anniversary episode, Seriah is joined by Red Pill Junkie and Joshua Cutchin. Topics include Micah Hanks, the Daily Grail, experiences in podcasting, Greg Little, Graham Hancock, Whitley Streiber, Jacques Vallee, the book “The Invisible Gorilla”, Amie Michel, experiences working in radio, David Weatherly, Paul Kimball and the flaws and misuse of hypnosis, Bud Hopkins, an alternative explanation of hypnotic regression, divination, poltergeist activity, unconscious psycho-kinetic energy, limitations of memory, changes of opinion on paranormal phenomena, Bigfoot, “Where the Footprints End”, Eric Ouellet, “Illuminations”, the concept of the wilderness poltergeist, Loren Coleman, UFO experiences as mass poltergeist activity, UFO materials as apports, Patrick Harper, Fae artifacts, the Seth material, astrology, channeling, David Paulides, Dyatlov Pass incident, the Snake Brothers, Tobias Wayland, details added to re-tellings of strange events, Humpty Dumpty folklore, self-generated phenomena, a lost child protected by a “bear”, templates for paranormal experiences, Joshua’s experiences with “the Creeper”, wandering consciousness, DMT, commonalities in psychedelic experiences, paranormal literalism, ayahuasca, UFOs as psychopomps, the dead having their own technology, Pablo Amaringo, Dr. Rick Strassman, Flying Saucer Review, different ideas of the afterlife, different experiences of death, reincarnation and ghosts, UFO Twitter, grifting in Ufology and its recurring cycles, early “Red Ice Radio”, Coast-to-Coast AM, George Noory, George Knapp, Jesse Ventura, Walter Cruttenden, interviewing guests and reading their material, building a paranormal community, Aaron Gulyas, Mike Clelland, UFO history, “Last Exit for the Lost” radio show, “Station 151” podcast, problems with David Paulides’s material, the Rendlesham Forest incident, Peter Robbins, disinformation, Larry Warren, psyops, other paranormal incidents around the Rendlesham area, Roswell, John Keel, Jeff Ritzman, Rosemary Guiley, the Ufological tarot deck, Susan Demeter, Richard Dolan, people who helped build WDTRG, a view on how to look at the past, the origin story of the name of the show, a quote from Terence McKenna about fate, RPJ’s sudden change in life, Mexican wrestling/Lucha libre, the future of WDTRG, “The Weird Part with Vincent Treewell” podcast, the novel “Cosmic Collision”, Psyche Corporation, “Whirring World”, and much more! This is truly wonderful discussion, touching on a decade of unique and open-minded inquiry!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is Whirring World by Psyche Corporation


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