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Steve Berg on Weird Nebraska - Nov 5, 2022

Seriah welcomes Fortean researcher and actor Steve Berg as well as Christopher Ernst. Topics include high strangeness in Nebraska, police patrolman Herbert Schirmer’s abduction experience, the Condon Report, R. Leo Sprinkle, hypnotic regression, Ashland Nebraska, John Keel, Hollywood and being a character actor, improvisational comedy and Magick, John E. L. Tenney, Dell Close, L. Ron Hubbard, theatre and ritual, Sammy Davis Jr. and Anton Lavey, Jacques Vallee, Skinwalker Ranch, Adam Gorightly, sense of place, local historians and librarians, Ray Boeche, an experience with a bowhunting Bigfoot witness, tree structures, mockery comedy, flesh and blood Bigfoot theory, a newly discovered bear in the Himalayas, the Goblin Universe, A.P. Strange, the ETH, simultaneous UFO and monster flaps, window areas, winged humanoids, a 1957 encounter with a humanoid wearing mechanical wings, Greg Bishop and co-creation, youth and poltergeist activity, Seriah’s autobiography, the brain’s reaction to the unknown, a 1922 flying saucer and flying humanoid encounter, Gray Barker, Linda Moulton-Howe, Christopher O’Brien, cattle mutilation, Sasquatch hunting on Native American reservations, Rezsquatching on the Omaha Reservation, tribal police interactions with Sasquatch, Seven Sisters Road, enchantment of place vs what people bring themselves, quartz, a personal experience of Chris Ernst, Jeff Ritzmann and his theory of inducing a paranormal encounter, a lake monster in the late 19th century, high strangeness in human-made crop circles, Andrew Collins, earthworks, a 1970’s UFO encounter involving slag meta-material, Stanford professor Garry Nolan studying meta-material with Jacques Vallee, apports, Diana Walsh Pasalka and gifting fields, the book “Trinity” and Paola Harris, Steven Greer and the disclosure movement, George Adamski, the Trickster phenomena among people who encounter high strangeness, the Fox sisters, hoaxing, Uri Geller, the New York Times and tic-tac UFOs, government secrecy and manipulation, UAPs and military technology, Greek Mystery schools, Jeremy Corbell, disclosure activism, Time Wave Zero theory of Terence McKenna, and much more! This is riveting discussion not to be missed!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is The Way You Move by Mark Anthony King and Rob Mauer


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