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Jim Pyre's Strange Experiences - July 30, 2022

Seriah welcomes Jim Pyre and discusses a lifetime of weird encounters and high strangeness. Topics include a memory of something he could not have seen, a NDE, kundalini experiences, bizarre electronic incidents, academic science's dismissal of psi phenomenon, materialist-reductionism vs. open mindedness, will-o-wisps, people's different reaction to encountering the strange, bigfoot hunting, a strange event in the woods, ghost hunting, biases in the subcultures of paranormal investigation, multiple explanations for "ghosts", paranormal reality TV, EVP, an experience in an old abandoned jail, ghost hunting equipment and its effectiveness, an intense encounter with an entity, being an attorney in a very rural small town, poltergeist-type activity, disappearing/reappearing objects, strange voices, being a possible subject of remote viewing, a bizarre experience with a fire alarm, a haunting brought to an abrupt conclusion, Irish Fae folklore, and much more!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music is Nightmares by Psyche Corporation



Strange Familiars: Episode 13: Listener Stories 1 - Fae, Grassman, Hatman, and More

StrangeFamiliarsFor episode 13 we talk with Jim Pyre. Jim is a Strange Familiars listener and he reached out to us with some of his experiences with the strange and paranormal. We talked about will-o-the-wisps, the fae folk, grassman, hatman and more – including some thoughts about what may be behind some of these phenomena.

We’ll be featuring listener stories on occasion and we would like to do compilation shows featuring multiple listeners – so even if you just have a short encounter, we would love to hear from you.

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Episode 13 notes and links:

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Michael Anderson

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