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Dreams and Nightmares - Dec 24, 2022

Seriah is joined by Super Inframan and Wren Collier to discuss dreams, comas, and other altered states of consciousness. Topics include NDE’s, astral projection, Robert Monroe, sleep paralysis, sleeping behavior and Parkinson’s disease, cultural dismissal of dreams, Joshua Cutchin and “Ecology of Souls”, precognitive dreams, Wren’s personal experience of a precognitive dream, information sent through time, Super Inframan’s personal youth experience, the Taurus symbol, astrology, Seriah’s experience receiving his mystical name, Seriah’s autobiography, ketamine therapy, DMT and other chemical explanations for NDEs, Near Death Experiences and their variations, Seth channeled material and NDEs, medical investigations of the NDE experience, comas and full-body paralysis, diverse experiences while in a coma state, lucid dreaming and OBEs, post-OBE “drunkenness”, unfolding dreams and false awakenings, nested dreams, repetitive nightmares, snake imagery, dreams of school, listeners’ and acquaintances’ stories of coma experiences, feeling dead but being wrong, time dilation in altered states, alternate lives in altered states, life as an arcade game, video game experiences, movie dreams, “Johnny Got His Gun” 1938 novel by Dalton Trumbo and 1971 film directed by the author about a severely wounded soldier trapped in his body, the Metallica song “One” and the video accompanying it, dreams of departed friends, dreams of people one has lost contact with, instant (dream-free) experience of being in a coma, medically induced comas, morphine dreams, different perceptions of time, coma dreams based on movies, the experience of another entity with the person in a coma, a disturbing listener experience, entities interacting with coma patients, alien abductions and altered states experiences, “Among The Stars And Bones” fictional podcast, Wren handles an ethereal attacker, werewolves and dream experiences, UK series “Room 5”, official science’s new approach to dreams, doctors as shamans, fictional podcast “Tomorrow’s Monsters”, napping, the physical/mental/etc. benefits of sleep. Brutal U.S.S.R. sleep experiments, THC and dreams, and much more! This is a fascinating episode, loaded with personal experiences and not to be missed!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is The Christmas Season from Devo Spice


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