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Fae Down Under - June 3, 2023

Seriah is joined by Joshua Cutchin and Louise Hamill, an artist and experiencer from Australia. Topics include poltergeist activity, the Fae, Dan Ackroyd, an infant NDE, nature spirits, strange experiences with a four-leaf clover and a wooden ring, the Min Min lights, an incident of missing time, an unusually located home, the goddess Hekate, an encounter with a strange entity, Indigenous spirituality, a being experienced by Louise but also perceived by her husband, Josh’s theories on spirits, child abduction by Fairies, a UFO sighting, the pop culture depiction of the Fae, psychic impressions, channeling experiences, the film “Australien”, debunkers explanations for ghost lights, the bog men in Europe, John Keel’s window area theory, colonialism and the paranormal, a pillowcase ghost, the phenomenon of two or more witnesses seeing something at the same time but differing in their perceptions, Goetic spirits, disturbed earth, a child’s encounters with an apparition, a haunted room, sage burning, night terrors, morning glory vines, a “plant man”, bedroom invaders, an OBE with a goddess deity, offerings, the afterlife of pets, the goddesses Diana, Hekate, and Luna, the difficulties of mythology, a ritual and a response, dark vs. evil, an interaction with a sentient ball of light, weird disembodied singing, morning glories as psychedelics, plant spirits, dogs and horses and birds as psychopomps, Fae music, “Behind the Bastards” podcast, Matt Festa, pro wrestling, Seriah’s autobiography, Mike Clelland, the value of journaling, “Last Exit for the Lost” music show, Katie of the Night, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Fortfest, a “tree man”, a cleansing ritual, incidents of sleep paralysis, the Archangel Michael, a post-cleansing apparition, an offering to the Fairies and a reaction, crossroads, the felt presence of spirit beings, an encounter with an imp, hypnopompic vs hypnogogic experiences, the “Fairy Census”, Nasturtium flowers, and much more! This is some riveting, wide-ranging conversation!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast



Louise Hamill's Paranormal Experiences - July 26, 2021

Seriah interviews Australian artist and life-long experiencer Louise Hamill. A wide-ranging discussion ensues. Topics include (but are certainly not limited to) her high strangeness possible near-abduction as an infant, a truly unique UFO-Alien encounter, the Tibetan wheel of fortune, Ouija board experiences, dream entity encounters, oppression by malignant spirits, Djinn phenomena, poltergeist activity, a possible shadow person, precognitive dreams, sleep paralysis, the "old hag" experience, Jungian psychology and synchronicities, a time in a haunted house with apparitions, doppelgangers, an apparently sentient floating "diamond-shaped" entity, family orb encounters, psychic impressions from objects, emotional empathy transmitted by art, channeling, a massive nature spirit entity, pagan deities, craft and light UFOs, Kundalini and Chakra experiences, acupuncture, personal electrical / electronic experiences, ancient knowledge in the Indian/West Asian world, serpent and space imagery, art's cross-over with the paranormal, Triskelion (Celtic sacred symbol of 3 spirals) Project, and much more! Louise Hamill's experiences connect to a ton of fascinating topics!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Instagram- @thetriskelionproject



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