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Believer: A Paranormal Mystery - Dec 2, 2021

Seriah interviews Julie Saunders, creator of the "Believer: A Paranormal Mystery" podcast. Topics include audio fictional drama, Mormonism, the psychic medium business, skepticism, atheism, subjective interpretation of experiences, horror and comedy fiction, a weird Bigfoot story, personality types in the paranormal investigation world, the Oregon Bigfoot Highway, Indigenous beliefs about Sasquatch, Biblical giants, worldwide wild man beliefs, the difficulties of flesh and blood Bigfoot, the tabloid "Weekly World News", paranormal vs. synchronistic events, Post-Mormon communities, religious fundamentalism and materialist atheism, infrasound, Havana Syndrome, infrared light effects on cameras, perceptions of the world by dogs, canine awareness of their owners' return, the process of audio storytelling, sound design, the corporatization of podcasting, Joshua Cutchin's "The Brimstone Deceit" and the paranormal scent of sulfur, UFOs and non-ET explanations, alien life's possible different forms, H.P. Lovecraft, the interests of the Earth vs. those of humanity, H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine", extreme forms of life, giant squid, climate change and the polar regions, the credibility of paranormal experiencers, commonalities in paranormal phenomena, weird experiences as a performance for an observer, the McMinnville Flying Saucer and subsequent McMenamins' UFO Festival, alien experiences as Shamanic awakening, anxiety and panic disorder, a bizarre UFO landing spot incident, Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, science and magick, Thelema, germ theory, the nature of consciousness, dreams, the fallible nature of memory, "The Invisible Gorilla", an unusual childhood memory, the intelligence and perceptions of other species, fiction writers and the paranormal, "Wolf 359" audio drama, a strangely hypocritical novelist, the world of paranormal podcasting, "The Black Tapes" podcast and others, writing horror scripts, Mothman, Public Radio Alliance, the TV series "Lost", Tarot and the creative process, and much more! This is some very enjoyable, naturally flowing conversation that goes all over the place!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell


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