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UFO's, Ghosts, and High Strangeness - Jan 20, 2024

Seriah is joined by Sacha Christie and Colin Kerris, two experiencers from the UK with some fascinating recollections. Topics include an encounter with dancing ghosts, retro-causality, an optical illusion, an attempted crime, a childhood memory of an acorn-shaped UFO, abductee video diaries, Sacha’s “Paranormal Instigator” YouTube channel, odd UFO encounters and the difficulties of video, paranormal encounters and their personal meaning, space brothers beliefs, “alien abduction” experiences, reptilians, a bizarre encounter with an entity and a fellow abductee, a weird incident during a meditation exercise, a haunted bedroom and an invisible attacker leading into a reptilian abduction experience, an odd incident with a seagull, another person’s dream simultaneous with an abduction experience, an encounter shining a flashlight into the sky and being answered by an orb, poltergeist activity, the importance of challenging whether paranormal experiences have mundane explanations, Malcolm Robinson’s book “The Sauchie Poltergeist”, an abduction experience involving humans, a shamanic interpretation of abductions, trauma from paranormal encounters, problems in the UFO community, indigenous cultures and processing the unexplained, a childhood NDE, multiple types of non-human intelligent beings, a bizarre incident with a green laser, light therapy, the “Magmell” fiction podcast, encounters with the apparitions of deceased relatives, a disturbing apparition at a Scottish castle, neurodivergence and DMT, an psychedelic-like encounter with strange entities while suffering food poisoning, a psychic download, Seriah’s experience spontaneously receiving information that prevented a car accident, a youthful incident with a bizarre voice on a blank cassette tape, strange entities appearing during sleep paralysis, EVPs and various explanations, an intense experience while ghost hunting, commonalities in paranormal phenomena, psy research, a bizarre experience with a clown, unconscious pk energy, Sacha escaping a haunted house with her kids in the middle of the night, and much more! These are some very interesting people with fascinating stories to tell!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is Whirring World from Psyche Corporation




Paranormal Explorations with Colin Kerris - Aug 21, 2021

Seriah interviews Scottish author and paranormal researcher Colin Kerris. Fascinating conversation ensues. Topics include personal experiences with apparitions, UFOs in the UK, bedroom invaders, poltergeist phenomena, ghost armies, reality media and greater public acceptance of strange experiences, charlatans, crypto-fascism in the paranormal community, claims of self-described "super soldiers", misuse of "Occam's Razor", brain hemispheric dominance in the dream state, "Hauntology" as an academic discipline, scientific psi research- including Colin's personal experience, emotion and psi, psychics and solar activity, Colin's shamanic sickness hallucinatory journey/visitation, sightings in a Scottish hot spot, unexplained ambient music, channeling and creativity, Sun-Ra, allegations of back-masking in music, commercialism vs. art, modern marketing and musical production in the case of Kid Rock, "Disney Rock", music's primal roots and pagan ritual, British coverage of U.S. "UAP Disclosure", materialist scientific dogmatism, the individual nature of paranormal experience, and much more! This is a very interesting discussion. The section on Hauntology alone is worth listening to the whole thing!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music by The Plankboys - Drinking Song from the Tomb


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