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Listener Stories - June 19, 2021

Seriah discusses listener stories with Natalie, Super Infra Man, and Chris Ernst. Topics include a listener story about a literally disappearing road, the Mandela Effect, other realities, dream phenomena, a listener story of a bizarre fog, other mysterious fogs and entities that appear in them, "sending someone a dream", a listener story about strange lights in the woods while hunting, Joshua Cutchin's theory that light stimulates the pineal gland to produce natural DMT, Natalie's light experiences, a listener story about "8 sitting gods", dream logic, Natalie's experiences with the entity who appears to both her and Heather, a listener story about horrifying "dreams" as child while living on a U.S. Army base that had previously been a Nazi forced-labor camp, phenomena interpreted through various lenses that include religion, a listener story about a near-identical dream shared by 2 people that appears to be a visitation from a deceased loved one, a listener story about a night visitor who left a mark and a feeling of memory-removal, a listener story about unexplained bending of silverware, Edgar Cayce, odd physical components in folk magick ritual, and more!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro mustc by Vrangvendt with Sleep Dread



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