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Wandering the Silver Screen - Sept 16, 2021

Movie review show with Adam Sayne and Katie of the Night...


Movie List;

* Malignant

* Prince of Darkness

* Prisoner of the Ghostland

* Wrong Turn - Remake

* The Conjuring Movies

* Things Heard and Seen

* Southland Tales

* The Witch

* The Lighthouse

* The Empty Man

* For All Mankind

* Autopsy of Jane doe

* Giallo movies

* Midsommer and Hereditary

* Resolution

* The Endless

* Brand New Cherry Flavor

* John and the Hole

* The Field

* The Hum

* Katla

* Gaia

* Army of the Dead

* Castle Freak 2020

* In the Earth

* Spontaneous

* The Curse of Professor Zardonicus

* Doors

* You cant kill David Arquette

* Tomb raider

* Willy's Wonderland

* Butt Boy

* Synchronic

* Cold Skin




Wandering the Road with Joshua Cutchin and Red Pill - Sept 4, 2021

Seriah hosts Joshua Cutchin and Red Pill Junkie. A wide-ranging discussion ensues. Topics include phenomenology, "making the cut", Jeffrey Kripal, non-judgmental research without getting stuck on the true/false dichotomy, the importance of broad trends in the paranormal vs. singular incidents, recurring motifs and archetypes in the paranormal and folklore, efforts to purge serious study of the paranormal of falsehoods, Roswell, phenomena appearing in fiction before being experienced by witnesses, the imaginal vs. the imaginary, Betty and Barney Hill, "The Outer Limits", co-creation, dogmatic skepticism, morphogenic field theory, medieval European explorers' descriptions of distant animals, psi research, Anjali, fakery and scams in the paranormal community, George Adamski, George P. Hansen, the concept of a gray basket, "Dr. Jonathan Reed" and his screaming alien, Steven Greer, shamans and sleight of hand, ritual in medicine, folk remedies, the power of belief, Edgar Cayce, Stanley Krippner, Patrick Harpur, non-physical entities leaving physical effects, synchronicities, Jung's "plum pudding synchronicity", Josh's most intense personal synchronicity, a fascinating deep dive into Travis Walton's abduction story and ongoing controversies (including a similar story from France in the 1500's), and more. This is highly interesting discussion between three aficionados of the strange with great chemistry!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell



Adam Gorightly - Saucers, Spooks and Kooks - Aug 28, 2021

Seriah and Chris host Adam Gorightly and discuss his most recent book "Saucers, Spooks and Kooks: UFO Disinformation in the Age of Aquarius". In the information-packed discussion, topics include: government disinformation operations, Paul Bennewitz, the Cash-Landrum incident, U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Richard Doty, National Security Administration, APRO, Bill Moore, cattle mutilation, Gabe Valdez, Linda Moulton Howe, the mythos of an underground joint U.S. government/alien base near Dulce New Mexico, hypnotic regression, Myrna Hansen, tinfoil, orbs as (human) military technology, John Leer, Gulf Breeze UFO sightings, Ed Walters, the "Gulf Breeze Six" military personnel, William Leer, David Perkins, Tom Adams, the "Dulce Papers", MJ-12, Ann West, MUFON, William Cooper, government infiltration and manipulation of the UFO community, Bill English, Bob Lazar, anti-government politics in ufology, To The Stars Academy, "disclosure", the Aviary, Robert Bigelow, black projects, foreign intelligence and counter-intelligence, and much more! This is a fascinating conversation. No matter how much you know about this stuff, it's virtually certain you will learn something new!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music is Haven by Divinity Destroyed



Lost Star of Myth and Time with Walter Cruttenden REDUX - Sept 2, 2021

Originally Aired on May 4, 2013

Walter Cruttenden's book, The Lost Star of Myth and Time is a groundbreaking piece of work dealing with the cycles of time and the possibility that precession is driven by a binary companion of our own sun. Walter is also the founder of the Binary Research Institute, and host of the CPAK conference. He has a documentary out called The Great Year, and even a children's book on this topic called, The Great Year Adventures with Tommy the Time Travelling Turtle. In this interview, we discuss;

Cycles of Time.
The Rise and Fall of Civilizations.
How Ancient Cultures viewed Time.
Precession and it's possible causes.
Binary Star Systems.
Whether or not we could have a binary companion.
The possibility of being connected to Sirius.
The unusual behavior of Sirius.
What the ancients said about Sirius.
Ancient technology.
Golden Ages.
Yuga Cycles.
The Great Year.
Out of place artifacts.

And plenty more. Walter's work is unique in many ways. The book is really a must read, and although we get speculative at times, Walter is very grounded and scientific in his work.




Paranormal Explorations with Colin Kerris - Aug 21, 2021

Seriah interviews Scottish author and paranormal researcher Colin Kerris. Fascinating conversation ensues. Topics include personal experiences with apparitions, UFOs in the UK, bedroom invaders, poltergeist phenomena, ghost armies, reality media and greater public acceptance of strange experiences, charlatans, crypto-fascism in the paranormal community, claims of self-described "super soldiers", misuse of "Occam's Razor", brain hemispheric dominance in the dream state, "Hauntology" as an academic discipline, scientific psi research- including Colin's personal experience, emotion and psi, psychics and solar activity, Colin's shamanic sickness hallucinatory journey/visitation, sightings in a Scottish hot spot, unexplained ambient music, channeling and creativity, Sun-Ra, allegations of back-masking in music, commercialism vs. art, modern marketing and musical production in the case of Kid Rock, "Disney Rock", music's primal roots and pagan ritual, British coverage of U.S. "UAP Disclosure", materialist scientific dogmatism, the individual nature of paranormal experience, and much more! This is a very interesting discussion. The section on Hauntology alone is worth listening to the whole thing!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music by The Plankboys - Drinking Song from the Tomb



Legends of Lost Lands - Aug 14, 2021

Seriah is joined by Super Inframan AKA Saxon, and Taylor Bell of the Green Lion Podcast. A wide-ranging conversation ensues. Topics include heavy metal music, Mount Shasta, Lemuria, space brothers, the Shaver mysteries, H.P. Lovecraft and material that seems to "want" to be written, lizard people, Bigfoot as "Keepers of the Woods", Native American folklore, ancient Polynesian immigration, Atlantis and other lost civilizations, "The Lost Continent of Pan", Gobekli Tepe, bicameral mind theory, history lost at the end of the last ice age, "Hamlet's Mill", archeoastronomy and mythology, pole-shift and pole-reversal, Velikovsky's Venus theory, the power of the entrenched status quo in science and academia, Egyptology, giants in the Americas, fact suppression by both science and religion, Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson, the value of questioning one's own beliefs, "Seth Speaks", scientific knowledge in Hindu ancient texts, and much more!

Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music by Andrew McKee with Hourglass



Wandering the Road - August 7, 2021

Seriah is joined by Chris Ernst and Natalie. A wide-ranging discussion ensues. Topics include personal experiences in cemeteries, high-energy spots, a "moving" Buddhist monastery, ghost theories, brain-synching among people working cooperatively in a scientific study, brain-monitoring tools, the French band "Air" and their mystical/Fae connections, materialist-reductionism vs. non-physical consciousness, abuse of "Occam's Razor", Adam Gorightly, psychedelic's, perception vs. reality, the various types of human "bodies" (physical, subtle, mental, etc.) in mystical belief systems, OBEs, astral projection, Lovecraftian mythos, Natalie and Heathers' entity appearing to others, Christian Science and New Thought, Stephanie Quick, sickness/trauma as a gateway to spiritual contact, the ubiquitous mystery lights, "god-forms", archetypes, experiences with a Welsh god, reincarnation, past-life memories, the self as a collective, the Hindu concept of spiritual evolution, Seth channeled material, Ouija encounters, the "oversoul" and fractional selves reincarnations, ascended masters/secret chiefs, the current time of mass transitions, Vedic cosmology and Yuga cycles, Sirius as a second sun and its consequences, dreams and electronics, Australian Aboriginal dream life, Deja Vu vs. Deja Reve, cultural appropriation vs. inter-cultural reverence in Witchcraft and the occult, and much more! This episode connects to SO much!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music by Polyethylene with Thurman Wood Warmed Nights



Wandering the Stars - August 11, 2021

This show was recorded on July 16, 2021

Seriah hosts Chris Ernst, Super Infra Man, and Red Pill Junkie. A fascinating discussion occurs. Topics include the "official UAP disclosure report", the militarization of space, reasons why humankind has not returned to the Moon, secret space programs and break-away civilization theories, billionaires' private space hobbies, the difficulties of keeping humans alive off of Earth, the "Star Trek" universe as post-capitalist, Moon landing denial, questions about Stanley Kubrik and the lunar footage, Robert C. Hoagland and "edited lunar material", Ingo Swann, structures on the Moon, legends of an Asian female mummy found on the Moon, rather odd reactions by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin's UFO sightings, Sedona and the face on Mars, George Lucas's esoteric references, climate change, the "Star Wars" universe, art vs. business, the phenomenon of being so rich/successful that no one can question you, Star Wars vs. Star Trek in philosophy/ideology, "The Nine", Andrija Puharich, D. G. Vinod, Gene Roddenberry, Trekkies, the 1960 French book "The Morning of the Magicians" and the 9 Unknowns, the power of narratives, the 17th century Rosicrucians, John Dee's Enochian magick and the British Empire, the Masonic origins of the United States, Netflix series from Iceland "Katla", "Sasquatch" series, Jacques Vallee's experiences with hippies and bikers, the archetype of the Wild Man, and much more!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell



Ghosts of Atlantis with JD Kenyon - August 6, 2021

Seriah interviews author and researcher JD Kenyon. This is a wide-ranging and fascinating discussion. Topics include previous "lost" high-tech civilizations, world-wide historical/cultural amnesia, Egyptology vs. Geology, conflicting timelines, the Egyptian Sphinx, Edgar Cayce, ancient "houses of records", Cataclysicism, end of the last ice age, Immanuel Velikovsky, solar flares, Robert Schoch, Plato, "A Canticle for Leibowitz", Virginia Steen-McIntyre, scientificism, ancient maps showing an accurate Antarctica, materialist-reductionism and its flaws, pole shifts, Colin Wilson, Atlantis possible locations, pole-shifting civilization before the last ice age, pole shiifts, Richard C. Hogland, face on Mars, reincarnation, consciousness vs. materialist reductionism,, etc. This was an awesome episode, and I can't wait to hear more!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music: Meka Nism "The Dance at the End of the World"



Martin Popoff on Flaming Telepaths - July 24, 2021

Okay, for starters- this is an epic episode! Even if your knowledge of BOC (like mine) begins and ends with "Don't Fear The Reaper", lol, you want to listen to this! Seriah interviews prolific author and graphic artist Martin Popoff. Topics include occult/esoteric origins of World War I, Richard Wagner, Pre-Nazi German "Aryanism", British Victorian-era occult revival, Austin Osman Spare, art as a factor in controling societies, Charles August Albert Dellschau, airship phenomena, hollow-earth theories, vrill energy, Process Church of the Final Judgment, Aleister Crowley, Kevin Grant, H.P. Lovecraft and all his mythos, John Dee, black mirror object, Peter Levenda, psi phenomenon, retro-causality, and so, so much more! This is an episode not be missed. It's over-loaded with material that connects to other material. The central question of [my impression] "are artists unintentional magickians?" leads in all sorts of directions!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell


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