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Cutting Edge News - November 7, 2020

Weary of politics? Here’s something that will lift your spirits and expand your mind. Listen to Seriah and his guests, author David J. West and filmmaker Chris Ernst, as they discuss news articles which truly are food for thought.
Could human consciousness be a combination of physical matter and an electromagnetic field?
What of the recent discovery of a metallic mass the size of the island of Hawaii beneath the moon’s largest crater? Why is it not resting in the moon’s mantle but embedded 300 kilometers beneath the surface?
What if schizophrenia can be transmitted by the microorganisms in the human gut?
The source of the Orgueil meteorite found in France in 1864 has been a controversy since its discovery. What of the recent claim by Russian scientists that they have indisputable proof that the fossilized bacteria within the meteorite came from a planet perhaps older than earth?
And more...
An all you can eat buffet for those who are hungry for knowledge. Bon appetit! - Recap by Patricia W.

Article Links

Electrical Consciousness

Time Travel




Moon Structure

Quantum Entanglement

Russian Fossils


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News from the Edge with The Snake Brothers - June 15, 2019

Seriah is joined by The Snake Brothers as they discuss new discoveries in archaeology, science and the paranormal.

They discuss ancient artificial islands, The Nazca Lines, The Electric Universe, Holograms projected into the brain, the creation of living machines, a peek into ancient medicine, and much more. You can find the Snake Brothers are their podcast, Brothers of the Serpent.

Mysterious Artificial Island

Nazca Lines

10 Million Light Year Long Magnetic Field

* The Electric Universe Response

Holograms in the Brain

Evolving Machines

Doctor's Notes

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