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Lynn Picknett's Haunted Life - April 17, 2021

Seriah interviews author, researcher, and scholar Lynn Picknett, focusing on her own personal experiences. Topics include the haunted house she grew up in, ghost experiences, visions, paranormal smells, "stone tape" theory of haunting, poltergeist activity, the "JOT" phenomenon (Just One of those Things), people physically assaulted by non-corporeal entities, lab research on paranormal fields, de-bunking vs. actual skepticism, the "Cross Correspondence " experiments, childrens' memories of past lives, UFO experiences, a "rip in the sky" experience, Fae phenomenon, quantum physics and the paranormal, and more- fascinating conversation!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

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Outro Music is Snaig Tharta "On Remembering"



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