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Jack Hunter on Manifesting Spirits - Dec 19, 2020

“Dr. John Montague was a doctor of philosophy; he had taken his degree in anthropology, feeling obscurely that in this field he might come closest to his true vocation, the analysis of supernatural manifestations.”
From “The Haunting of Hill House” by Shirley Jackson

I wish that seances could be held for fictional characters. If so, I would introduce the fictional Dr. Montague to Dr. Jack Hunter, another anthropologist whose latest book is “Manifesting Spirits.” No doubt the two would get along famously.

Since you cannot be present at that seance, listen to Seriah’s interview with the articulate and knowledgeable Dr. Hunter as he tells of the decade of research that preceded the writing of this book, his participation in seances with the Bristol Spirit Lodge, the differences between mental and physical mediumship, and how our beliefs and culture manifest in the material world.

Dr. Hunter’s website, detailing his books, articles, credentials, affiliations and areas of research.

Recap by Patricia W.

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Jack Hunter on Greening the Paranormal - September 7, 2019

Dr. Jack Hunter is an Anthropologist who researches the Paranormal. His latest book, Greening the Paranormal, is a compilation of essays on how we connect with the planet and nature, and the how it affects extraordinary experiences. We talk about the array of subjects covered in the book, and delve deep into what may be the underpinnings of these experiences.

Jack's webpage.

Greening the Paranormal on Amazon

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