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Mystery and Magic of Place with Nathan Isaac - Dec 26, 2020

Seriah interviews Nathan Isaac about the mysteries he explores on The Penny Royal podcast. A wide-ranging discussion ensues. Topics include: Fortean events, the Kentucky meat shower, Alien Big Cats/anomalous black panthers, geo-magnetic forces, cults, folklore, mental health / neurological differences in relation to the paranormal, sense of place, intentional psy-ops and conspiracies. Programs and personalities referenced include "Hellier", Allen Greenfield, John Keel, Dan Dutten, and Alexander Guterma. Absolutely fascinating material that can branch off in seemingly limitless directions! - Recap by Vincent Treewell

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Patrick Harpur on Daimonic Reality - Dec 25, 2020 (originally from 2013)

Patrick Harpur is an accomplished writer, whose topics deal with forteana and folklore, Daimonic Reality, Alchemy, the Paranormal, and much more.

In his book, Daimonic Reality, Harpur argues that the human psyche extends beyond the confines of the physical human body, and that it may in fact be a part of our reality. He also notes that during most of human history, civilization have had another, "shadow reality" of folklore, except the current society which is strongly attached to the material.

His latest work, is entitled, The Secret Tradition of the Soul. It deals with concepts of the soul and it's conflict with Spirit. It talks of ancient traditions, and what is missing from our world. It talks of the Soul of the World, and what happens afterwards. And so do we, in this interview.
We also talk about the Paranormal, and a new, or maybe more accurately, old way of viewing reality that is very different than our current material, reductionist view.

This interview was pre-recorded June 26, 2013 and originally aired on July 20, 2013.



Jack Hunter on Manifesting Spirits - Dec 19, 2020

“Dr. John Montague was a doctor of philosophy; he had taken his degree in anthropology, feeling obscurely that in this field he might come closest to his true vocation, the analysis of supernatural manifestations.”
From “The Haunting of Hill House” by Shirley Jackson

I wish that seances could be held for fictional characters. If so, I would introduce the fictional Dr. Montague to Dr. Jack Hunter, another anthropologist whose latest book is “Manifesting Spirits.” No doubt the two would get along famously.

Since you cannot be present at that seance, listen to Seriah’s interview with the articulate and knowledgeable Dr. Hunter as he tells of the decade of research that preceded the writing of this book, his participation in seances with the Bristol Spirit Lodge, the differences between mental and physical mediumship, and how our beliefs and culture manifest in the material world.

Dr. Hunter’s website, detailing his books, articles, credentials, affiliations and areas of research.

Recap by Patricia W.

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Alex Tsakiris on Why Evil Matters - Dec 12, 2020

During a discussion on the massacres at Babi Yar during World War II, a philosophy professor made the following remark: the last words of the Lord’s Prayer are “deliver us from evil,” not “destroy evil,” because evil is within us. To destroy evil, we would have to destroy ourselves.

I would have liked to offer that observation to Seriah and his guest, author Alex Tsakiris, whose latest book is “Why Evil Matters: How Science and Religion Fumbled a Big One.” Tsakiris is the creator of Skeptiko, podcasts that explore the science of human consciousness and spirituality. The name is derived from the philosopher Skeptikos, who sought “inquiry to perpetuate doubt.”

As Seriah considers himself “a true skeptic, one who questions openly,” you would expect these two to agree on most points. In this interview, Alex and Seriah are well-matched sparring partners, covering topics such as: moral imperatives, dharma, evil as an objective reality or separate entity, near death experiences, reincarnation, past-life regression, lucid dreaming, hypnosis, satanism, and ritual abuse. A most provocative interview with no easy answers. - Recap by Patricia W.

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The Mark of the Bell Witch with Seth Breedlove - Dec 5, 2020

We may think that 2020 is “annum horribilis,” but it pales in comparison to 1820 and the years preceding it. Consider what life was like in Tennessee 200 years ago. As predicted by the Shawnee Chief Tecumseh, earthquakes shook western Tennessee with ten times the seismic force of the San Francisco earthquakes in the late nineteenth century. The war of 1812 intensified the hostilities between white settlers and the Creek Nation. The eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia in 1815 resulted in the “year without a summer,” with crop failures, food shortages and migrations of settlers from the eastern states. Into this melee comes one of the most notable cases in American occult history: the Bell Witch. Join Seriah and his guest, filmmaker Seth Breedlove, as they discuss his latest documentary, “The Mark of the Bell Witch.” Their discussion covers the history of the region, the poltergeist elements of the narrative and the challenges of creating a film about phenomena that have captured our imaginations for two centuries.

- Recap by Patricia W.

Seth’s website: Small Town Monsters

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Nightcrawler, Infrared Entities, and more - Nov 28, 2020

I wonder what Seth is doing these days. After offering his wisdom over a twenty year span in “Seth Speaks,” he surely needed some time off. Perhaps now he returns periodically to see if his teachings had any effect. Maybe his next work will be “Seth Listens,” a collection of excerpts and quotes which display evidence of critical thought, such as the topics covered in this episode with Seriah, author and artist Red Pill Junkie and filmmaker Chris Ernst. Join them (and possibly Seth) for a discussion that ranges from the holographic universe to morphic reality, where every hoax is followed by a sighting.
Recap by Patricia W.

Nightcrawler Story Blog:



Lucid Dreaming with Ian Jaydid - Nov 21, 2020

It has been said that what we call “the self” is a narrative of what has happened to one’s body from the time of one’s birth. This week’s guest, artist and author Ian Jaydid, might accept that definition, but he certainly would question why anyone should limit himself to one narrative and if any narrative must be attached to a body. In this interview with Seriah, Ian recounts his numerous lucid dreaming episodes as well as his out-of-body experiences. And he reveals what he believes made these unique experiences possible: his ability to step back and question any narrative or identity offered to him. A most thought-provoking interview.

Summary by Patricia W.

Ian’s website: Iboga Moon Productions

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Supernatural Skulduggery with Joshua Cutchin and Natalie - Nov 14, 2020

Psychopompery, Messengers, Djinn, Liminality, and duality. A treasured cow skull. A much loved cockatiel. Many moths and spiders The Fae Ingredients for what Joshua Cutchin calls the “paranormal soup”? Perhaps. But each is an element in the narrative which Natalie continues in this episode. The first part of her narrative with Heather can be found here. Joining Seriah and Natalie is noted author Joshua Cutchin, who has written and spoken extensively on the paranormal and the Fae. Enjoy! - Recap by Patricia W.

Joshua’s webpage, including a list of his publications and interviews, can be found at:

Natlie's Artwork:

YouTube design by Natalie as well.

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Cutting Edge News - November 7, 2020

Weary of politics? Here’s something that will lift your spirits and expand your mind. Listen to Seriah and his guests, author David J. West and filmmaker Chris Ernst, as they discuss news articles which truly are food for thought.
Could human consciousness be a combination of physical matter and an electromagnetic field?
What of the recent discovery of a metallic mass the size of the island of Hawaii beneath the moon’s largest crater? Why is it not resting in the moon’s mantle but embedded 300 kilometers beneath the surface?
What if schizophrenia can be transmitted by the microorganisms in the human gut?
The source of the Orgueil meteorite found in France in 1864 has been a controversy since its discovery. What of the recent claim by Russian scientists that they have indisputable proof that the fossilized bacteria within the meteorite came from a planet perhaps older than earth?
And more...
An all you can eat buffet for those who are hungry for knowledge. Bon appetit! - Recap by Patricia W.

Article Links

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Moon Structure

Quantum Entanglement

Russian Fossils


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