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Missing People, Haunted Woods, and much more with Steve Stockton and Steph Young


Finally bringing together two of the most popular guests on the show. In Steve's words, We discussed: (among other things) the fairy folk, ghosts, demons, missing persons, esoteric technology, folklore and the occult... Oh, and we talk about the Clowns... Yup, pretty much a winding road through this one! Enjoy.


Closing music provided by Fifty Dollar Dynasty, "On Down the Road". You can find out more at their website;


Listener's Stories: Midweek Podcast with Sysco and Steve Stockton - August 4, 2016

As I have been collecting stories for our next listener stories show, there have been a few people with repeated experiences throughout their lives. Sysco is one. She was previously on the show talking about a civil war ghost she encountered. I had Steve Stockton join us and we talked to Sysco about her experiences. I cut it at a certain point, she has more to talk about, and we will probably bring her back soon rather than doing a 4 hour show. If you want to contribute your experiences to the show, please get in touch!



Steve Stockton talks about his book My Strange World - October 31, 2015

SteveStocktonSteve Stockton returns to the show for Samhain. Author of the Strange Things in the Woods series of books, Steve has recently released, My Strange World, which is a collection of his own paranormal encounters. It will make for the perfect Halloween Show...


Steve Stockton, veteran outdoorsman, paranormal researcher and Best Selling author of Strange Things in the Woods and More Strange Things in the Woods, is back with a personal memoir of the supernatural and bizarre. If you've listened to Steve being interviewed on radio shows and podcasts, (such as Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader, Where Did The Road Go? with Seriah Azkath, The Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold, Into The Fray Radio with Shannon LeGro, Capricorn Radio with James Swagger, Paranormal Filler with Wes Forsythe and many more), then you've heard Steve touch on some of his personal experiences... Well, here they are- all gathered together in one awesome volume! You'll read Steve's personal account of his own True, Weird Paranormal Experiences including:

A Toddler's Ghost, A Visit From A Deceased Friend and A Litter of Phantom Kittens

An Invisible Entity, A Beast In A Shale Pit and A Christmas Visitor

A Haunted Casino, Haunted Houses and a Haunted Photograph

An Encounter In A Dark Theater, A Phantom Motorcyclist and Experiences With Ouija Boards

The Ghost Of A Teacher, Haunted Cemeteries and Strange Omens Of Death

And MORE True Encounters!


Steve Stockton: Strange Things in the Woods - March 15, 2014

Steve Stockton has written a fascinating book called Strange Things in the Woods. This is a collection of stories he has collected, well described by the title. We talk to Steve about some of the various things in the book, from Monsters, to UFO's, to High Strangeness, to Ghosts. Then we get into some of Steve's own experiences which include both Bigfoot and Ghost encounters, and much more. It's a creepy time. 
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