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Aaron Gulyas and Mike Clelland on UFO History, Part 3 - 1980's - April 25, 2015


Mike Clelland and Aaron Gulyas return to the show to continue our conversation about the history of the UFO Phenomenon. This is a different view from the standard history. Mike and Aaron have different angles they see this from, and we try to lay out what is actually there, and take away some of the assumptions and dogma that often finds its way into the UFO subject. We start in the early 1980's and make it about 10 years forward. We discuss various researchers, MJ12, Wild Bill Cooper, Budd Hopkins, Whitley Strieber, Government disinformation, the abduction phenomena, and much more. This is also the first show with our new co-host Luke St. Clair.


Mike's website is and you can follow Aaron on facebook.

Part One of our talk can be found here. Part Two can by found here