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John Ward on The Exodus Reality and much more... December 28, 2013



Where Did the Road Go? Show Archive

John Ward joins us to tell us his theory on the Exodus as put forth in The Exodus Reality. The book is co-authored by Scotty Roberts, and we had him on the show on November 30th. You can hear that in the archive here. Both authors have compelling versions of what might have happen, and do agree on some points. See my review of the book here.
We also spend time talking about the state of Egypt at the current moment, as well as how academia deals with new discoveries. 
Dr. John Ward is an archaeologist and anthropologist residing in Luxor, Egypt. Over the years, Dr. Ward has conducted numerous investigations of ancient Egyptian architecture and symbolism, while also carrying out research into the many mysteries surrounding medieval Templarism. In 2006, Ward was recruited by the Knights Templar of Britannia, which is a modern Templar order affiliated with and has been acknowledged by the Vatican. With the help of his partner, Dr. Maria Nilsson, John has managed to track the use of particular symbols through the various dynasties and the geography of ancient Egypt leading all the way into the present, with similar threads even extending into parts of Western Europe. The symbols that John and Maria have come to recognize play a very important and integral role, based from their studies, regarding ancient Egyptian life. It is through these symbols that they are driven with the passion to continue their work, which has enabled them not only to develop a greater understanding of the various cultures they study, but also to utilize and acknowledge the importance and sanctity of the symbols. These are aspects which, John argues, still remain largely unknown to mainstream academia.
John and Scotty are hosting a tour of the Exodus Reality in February. You can find more info about that at