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Where Did the Road Go?

David Paulides - Missing 411: The Devil's in the Detail - Part 2 - December 20, 2014



This is part 2 of 2 of my interview with David Paulides. We dig in detail into the Missing 411 Phenomenon, mysterious disappearances in and around National Parks, hear about new cases, and try to weed out what makes sense in all of this.
David's website is
Also take the time to sign this petition; This petition was authored by a reader of the "Missing 411" books. It addresses one of the specific issues we discuss in the books, the lack of accountability inside the DOI when dealing with missing people on their land. Here is the exact wording in the petition:
Currently, there is no centralized registry or database of persons who have gone missing in our national parks and forests or on Bureau of Land Management lands. If search and rescue parties are unable to locate the missing, no records are required to be kept by our government about the missing person case or the circumstances surrounding the event. When remains of the missing are found, again, no records are required to be maintained. 
It is time to demand that a national, publicly accessible registry/database be created in which all missing persons are accounted for in our national parks and forests and on BLM lands. The purpose of this would be to make the government accountable for keeping track of the missing, to inform the public of the facts surrounding missing persons cases on public lands, as well as keeping account of all missing individuals and the circumstances under which they went missing on public lands.
We need everyone to get behind this effort and help us get to 10,000 signatures. David Paulides is assisting the author in her efforts and will do everything possible for this issue to get the visibility it deserves.
Go to this link to sign the petition;


Alex Tsakiris on Why Science is Wrong... about almost Everything - January 10, 2015



Alex Tsakiris, host of the Skeptiko Podcast, joins us to talk about his new book, Why Science is Wrong... about almost Everything. We discuss;

  • Skeptics and Athiests
  • The problems with Science and Dogma
  • Near Death Experiences
  • Healing
  • Psychic Detectives
  • Debunkers
  • Psychics and Mediums
  • Reincarnation
and much more. 
Check out The Skeptiko podcast at
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