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Mysteries in the Mist - March 26, 2022

Seriah, along with Joshua Cutchin, host paranormal researcher, novelist, and non-fiction author Travis Watson. Topics include weird fogs and mists, black dogs, a strange experience with a mirror, "Oz effect" silence, fog as a delineator of paranormal experience, lack of attention to weather in paranormal investigations, Bigfoot, UFOs, noxious clouds, Jenny Randles and time storms, strange colored clouds, physical transport of experiencers, Dr. Karla Turner, Gordon Creighton, Barbara Reiten, research tools, ghosts, missing time, magick and the shamanic journey, an incredible transportation story, strange storms, the Fae folk, Djinn, time distortion, the green mist, an Animist perspective, the Grey Man in Scotland, panic, search and rescue operations, weird survival incidents, 3rd man effect, light phenomena, poltergeist activity, a WWII black dog encounter, the and/or approach to the paranormal, owls, sasquatch, Mike Clelland, pop culture and art affecting the phenomenon, a meteorological crossroads, liminality, heat and apports, a motorcyclist and a weird cloud, bullet-proof black dogs, phantom black dogs as guardians, a bizarre encounter by Philadelphia cops, a baby mammoth, portals, dimensions, "Flatland", infrasound, UFO tech, extraterrestrials and the contradictions in their supposed actions, an alien abduction foiled by a car horn, demons, an encounter with a bizarre fog, "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin de Becker, sentient clouds, the strange frequency of weird incidents in Latin America, Forteana, witness trauma, true skepticism vs. debunking, Greg Bishop, UAPs, Whitley Strieber, ridicule in the media, Edward Brian McCleary and a sea monster, mysteries of the ocean, weird and terrible events in Brazil, Red Pill Junkie, cultural perceptions of the paranormal, "Danger Zone" by Bob Pratt, man-wolves, beast of Bray Road, Linda Godfrey, and much more! This is fascinating discussion loaded with information!

- Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music is Eliza Rickman with Pretty Little Head



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