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How the Paranormal has Changed in Mass Media - April 14, 2018

BurningTarot2.jpgSeriah is joined by Roejin and Lobo of Project Archivist, and Joshua Cutchin, and they discuss how various Paranormal subjects have been portrayed in Fiction and Mass Media over the years. This, of course, goes all over, including discussing the history of the Grey archetype, and eventually ending on a couple of interesting listener stories...

Outro Music is Too Many Heads by Dredneks.




Movies and More with Joshua Cutchin - March 9, 2018

WDTRGCarOn this episode of the show, Seriah and Joshua Cutchin discuss movies, podcasts and more...

The Last Jedi
Dark Song
Alien: Covenant
2001 and 2010
Wolf 359
The Lovecraft Covenant
White Vault
Little Evil
Gerald's Game
The Bye Bye Man
The Nowhere Man
Dark Matter
The Big Sick
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
Cloud Atlas

Outro Music: Psyche Corporation "Whirring World"





Fringe News Update - January 26, 2018

WDTRG.jpgLatest Fringe News Show with Joshua Cutchin, Wren Collier, and Melissa Martell.

Stories and Links;
Raptors have Weaponized Fire

Earliest Supernova Art

Reality is an Hallucination

Mushrooms Alleviate Depression

You can Hear this GIF

Emotion Shapes Reality

Noah used a cell phone

The Saturn Myth

Another GIF you can hear

Man bursts into flames

Cuba Sonic Attacks; (seems to be missing now)

Outro Music by Laceration of Dissidents. The song is called "O Magnum Mysterium".




Strange Familiars: Episode 24: Sasquatch and the Faerie Realm

Timothy and Joshua Cutchin discuss a very strange article from Timothy’s latest book,Bigfoot: West Coast Wild Men. Joshua has made many observations in the past linking different modern paranormal phenomena with folkloric accounts of Celtic faerie encounters. This particular article, dating from 1857, contains a vast amount of elements which seem to link this bigfoot abduction with faerie lore.

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Episode 24 notes and links:

Joshua Cutchin:

Timothy‘s new book,Bigfoot: West Coast Wild Men


Michael Anderson

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instagram: @strangefamiliars

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Joshua Cutchin

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Brothers of the Serpent

Episode #175: Seriah's Mechanism


We are joined this week by Seriah Azkath, from the Where Did the Road Go podcast, to talk about an idea he's been working on for a while now. We discuss poltergeist...

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Episode #174: Bronze Age Atlantis


We are joined once again by Snakeforce member Tony Petrangelo to continue discussing the topic of Plato's Atlantis, and whether this story could have possibly been referring to the time...

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Episode #173: UFOs - Part 3


Marty Garza returns yet again to continue our deep dive into the subject of UFOs. This time we focus specifically on accounts centering around WWII. For the first two segments...

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Episode #172: The Velikovsky Heresies - …


This is the final part of our deep dive into Laird Scranton's The Velikovsky Heresies. For this final part we look at more evidence of ancient astronomers apparently seeing Venus in...

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Episode #171: The Velikovsky Heresies - …


After returning from our trip through Arizona and Utah with Randall and Brad, we come back to the Tangent Cube at the end of the week for the next installment...

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SnakeBytes: Roadsode with Randall


 Here's the roadsode. We talk about the Arizona/Utah trip with Randall. More to come soon!We're going to bed now.Enjoy!SnakeByte Road EpisodeIf you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does...

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Episode #170: The Velikovsky Heresies - …


For part two of our deep dive into The Velikovsky Heresies by Laird Scranton, we talk about the mechanics of the solar system, of circular orbits, of retrograde motion. We talk...

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Episode #169: The Velikovsky Heresies - …


Kyle was out of town for most of this week so this show was late, but on Friday night we finally managed to get in the Tangent Cube and record...

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Episode #168: Saudi Arabia and the Mount…


This week we are joined once again by Bob Johnson for the first hour of the show to talk about his experiences in Egypt and Saudi Arabia as a geologist...

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Liminal Room

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Red Pill Junkie - Absurd by Design

Streamathon 2020


Can you spot all the ‘Fortean eggs’ I placed in this?There’s a lot of previous commissions I’ve been meaning to feature in this webpage, but for the sake of timing...

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*Pheeeeew* (Also, Some Trump Doodles)


Did you hear that? That was the entire planet having a collective sigh of relief! If you follow me on social media (Twitter and Facebook) then you are probably aware by...

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UFOlogy and Rosicrucianism: A Roundtable…


3 weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining an online roundtable with Paul Hynek, the son of legendary researcher and astronomer J. Allen Hynek. The event was organized by...

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Commission: The Kosmokats Return!


Even though I’ve been a dog person all my life, I’ve always found cats to be beautiful and elegant creatures. Many of my friends are cat owners –or rather, cat...

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Commission: Kalimán, the Incredible Dog!


Most of the commissions I’ve created revolve around imagery extracted from pop culture references which originated outside of Mexico (e.g. Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, etc), but this commission...

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Tangentially Speaking (About Aliens and …


I don’t remember when exactly I started listening to Tangentially Speaking with Chris Ryan (probably 2013) but after I found it I ended up listening to its entire back catalog...

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Strange Realities 2020 (First Conference…


Yesterday I reached a landmark in my ‘paranormal career’ (if there is such a thing!) by delivering my first ever presentation at the Strange Realities 2020 online conference, produced by...

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Another Day, Another Doctor Who Commissi…


This is one of the latest commissions: Andrew, the patron, contacted me by the end of July because he wanted me to create a portrait of his lovely wife as...

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Commission: Trekkie Troubles with Tribbl…


Make it soft…If you cornered me inside a Sci-Fi convention and forced me to pick between Star Wars or Star Trek, I’d choose the first any day of the week...

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Radio Misterioso

Joshua Cutchin and Timothy Renner – Para…


Josh Cutchin and Tim Renner have just released a book that is designed (and sure) to goose the Bigfoot research community out of its “flesh-and-blood-hypothesis” stupor (the theory that the...

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Stephen Finley – The Nation Of Islam as …


Religious studies scholar Dr. Stephen Finley (Louisiana State University) is almost singular in his academic study of the UFO origins of the belief system of the Nation of Islam (NOI.)...

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Kevin Day – Nimitz UFOs and Beyond


Kevin Day has been interviewed and scrutinized endlessly by the UFO community. He was the Aerial Defense Matter expert and radar operator on the guided missile cruiser Princeton in early...

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Shannon Taggart – Séance


Shannon Taggart is an artist and photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.  Her images have been exhibited and featured internationally, including in TIME, the New York Times Magazine, Discover, and...

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Michael Masters – Neoteny and Time Trave…


Michael Masters earned his doctorate in Anthropology in 2009 and is on the faculty of Montana Technological University. His specialty is in biological anthropology and evolutionary biology, specifically the study...

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Miguel Romero – A Visit To Mexico City


From March 10th to the 17th, I visited my friend Miguel Romero in Mexico City. At the suggestion of our friend David Metcalfe, we decided to conduct a live show...

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Whitley Strieber – A New World


I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Whitley Strieber for the second time in as many months. The occasion was the release of his new book, entitled A New...

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Susan Demeter St. Clair and Dr. Massimo …


Susan and Massimo are amazing people. Both have been on the program before; Susan talking about her private research in parapsychological and UFO topics, and Dr. Massimo on his theories...

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Deep Prasad – Contact and UAP Expedition…


Prasad and Michio Kaku I’ll admit that I was not impressed with Deep Prasad when he burst on the UFO scene earlier this year. On Thanksgiving Day (in the U.S.) he...

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