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Jeremy Lynes on Inter-dimensional Sasquatch and other Strange Tales - August 3, 2013

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Where Did the Road Go? Show Archive

On this show I speak with Jeremy Lynes about a variety of subjects. Sasquatch and Bigfoot sightings, strange tales, inter-dimensional theories, strange disappearances, mathematics and the brain, portals, vibrations, earth energy, and much, much more. Approach this one with an open mind, it gets deep in parts, and we speculate about some very strange things...

Micah Hanks and Jeremy Lynes on the Bigfoot Phenomenon - November 8, 2014



Micah Hanks joins us again, along with Jeremy Lynes. Jeremy is a proponent of the more paranormal nature of Bigfoot, and has many strange stories to support his view. Micah is more grounded, and believes in a more flesh and blood type explanation. The contrast worked out well I think. They have never spoken before, but seemed to contrast their views nicely. One word of warning, the audio on Jeremy's side is a little muddy. Nothing we could do about it, but it is completely listenable. Enjoy.
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