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Interview with Seriah Azkath on The Gralien Report - December 17, 2013

GRBannerSeriah's first interview on another podcast...


As host of Where Did the Road Go?, some of you may have heard me talk a bit about my own work and experiences. For the first time, I did an interview touching on a just a very little bit of it. My thanks to Micah Hanks for having me on his rather cool show, The Gralien Report. You can find the full show here.You can download just my segment here, or click below. 

I'm on in the second hour if you download the full show, and I discuss Kundalini, Aleister Crowley, Magick, and some other stuff in between. I am working on a book, that will hopefully be done sometime in 2016. Meanwhile, we did make a movie roughly based off some stuff that happened to me over the years, but very fictionalized. If you want to watch that, check it out below...

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