Lorna Reynolds performs a past life regression on James (who is a co-host of The Last Exit for the Lost that follows Where Did the Road Go?). Lorna was there with The Ghost Hunters of the Finger Lakes and wanted to do a regression on someone to show how she works. I have included the entire video, unedited, from start to finish. This was done August 31, 2014, around 1am Eastern.

This was a Paranormal Roundtable at the Beyond the Realm event at the Ramada Inn in Ithaca, NY on February 28, 2015. Seriah, host of Where Did the Road Go is a part of the roundtable, along with Lorna Reynolds, Peter from The Ghost Hunters of the Finger Lakes, Luke St. Claire, Katie Christopher from TV's Ghost Detectives, and Steve Alaverz. This is Seriah's first event of this type. 

Neither video nor audio are great, but it is what it is.

IMG 7318We are joined by Lorna Reynolds and Peter Kanellis from The Ghost Hunters of the Finger Lakes, as well as Luke St. Clair, an Anthropology major at Ithaca College, for a discussion on the Paranormal, including past lives, ghosts, reincarnation, and much more.


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The Ghost Hunters of the Finger Lakes return to the show, and join us in studio, with new investigations and stories to share. They were also accompanied by Lorna Reynolds, who is a hypnotist and medium. We discuss what she does, cases she has helped with, concepts of spirits, demons, and much more.
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Lorna's finger, which we talk about in the interview...



We welcome back The Ghost Hunters of the Finger Lakes and Lorna Reynolds for our day after Samhain show... We discuss Exorcisms and Possessions, Ouija Boards, Provoking Hauntings, and much more...