Where Did the Road Go?

Steph YoungIn this, the second free episode of Steph Young's series, she explores a variety of cryptic mysteries. This is episode 4, 2 and 3 are available to Patreons of Steph's at www.patreon.com/stephyoungpodcast



David Weatherly returns to the show after a long absence and I talk with him, along with Timothy Renner, about Tulpa's, thoughtforms, and much more. We get down to what may or may not be explained by such ideas.

David Weatherly can be found at TwoCrowsParanormal.blogspot.com.

Timothy Renner can be found at StrangeFamiliars.darkhollerarts.com

Ending Music by Genitor, "In the Dark", from their CD Fossil Dome. Also find them on Facebook



StrangeFamiliarsIn Episode 4 we tell a strange story of bigfoot creatures and other weirdness from 1892 in Indiana and compare it with some modern bigfoot reports. Our guest is Joshua Cutchin.


Dark WatersI am joined by the Host of The Dark Waters YouTube channel as we discuss some of his own experiences, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Dogmen, Shadow People, Dopplegangers, and much more...


Outro Music from David Wirsig, "Kaden".