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Where Did the Road Go?

Seeking the Primordial with Laird Scranton - Part 1 of 2: Dec 23, 2017

Seeking the PrimordialIn this two part interview (which Patreons got all of right away), we discuss Laird Scranton's latest book, Seeking the Primordial: Exploring Root Concepts of Cosmological Creation. This book is basically the background to a lot of what Laird has been researching, and it deals with the ancient concepts that he has unearthed about how reality forms, and the grand cycles of time and space. 

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Strange Familiars - Episode 22: Old Christmas Legends and Lore

Timothy gives a list of Christmas lore, portents, and folk magic directives collected from various sources and talks with author, musician, filmmaker, and folklore collector Gerry Milnes about some wondrous strange Old Christmas folk traditions from West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

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Gerry’s Signs Cures and Witchery DVD:

Augusta Heritage Center

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The Snow-White Ghost-White Stag from the Stone Breath album The Night Birds Psalm:

The Holly Crown from the Stone Breath album Knotwork


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