Where Did the Road Go?

WDTRGI am joined by Aaron David of Charm the Water, Adam Sayne of Conspiranormal, and Red Pill Junkie. We discuss an article on how the brain and memory do not perform like a computer and how that analogy is holding back progress. This conversation branches off into all kinds of things from that starting point, occassionally heading back around to the article. Well worth a read. Definitely inspired us.

Outro Music by Sleeping Bulls. The song is Sedna. 



The Unseen HandWe welcome Jenny Ashford back to the show to talk about her latest book, which is a comprehensive investigation into poltergeist accounts over the years. Called The Unseen Hand, this is a valuable piece of work, compiling some very interesting events...

Find more from Jenny at http://www.JennyAshford.com

The Outro Music was from Eliza Rickman with the song Pretty Little Head. Find her at http://www.elizarickman.com/.



Rachel FoxThis started more as a personal stories type of show, but then turned more interview about Rachel's experiences and methods of meditation. We talk about what her Kundalini awakening did for her, and what types of meditation she uses, and why.

You can contact Rachel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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I will personally be joining the August and September trips to Nicaragua as a facilitator and meditation instructor.

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In person MWF 8-8:45am @ Mystic Journey in Venice, CA,
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BigfootI discuss with Timothy Renner, his fascinating book, Bigfoot in Pennsylvania. In this book, Tim has collected news clippings from the 1800's and early 1900's that clearly refer to Bigfoot-like creatures. It is interesting to see how this is treated then, and what similarities and differences there are with modern accounts. And there are also some very strange ones mixed in...

Find Tim at; strangefamiliars.darkhollerarts.com

Outro Song by Tim's band, Stone Breath. The song is Apples for the Albatwitch, and the album is Cryptids.



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