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Where Did the Road Go?

Aaron Dabbah from EsoterX talks Strange History - June 3, 2017

EsoterXAaron Dabbah joins me for the first time to talk some really strange, and obscure, history. We talk about a HUGE volcanic eruption that no one noticed, the war between the Pygmies and the Cranes, The Nittaweo Genocide, the wiping out of the Moon Eyed People, and much more... It is a strange collection of material to be sure.

You can find Aaron at his blog, EsoterX.

The Outro song is from The Beautiful Kings, "Secret Town".




Strange Familiars: Episode 9 - Bigfoot Yesterday and Today, Part 2

StrangeFamiliarsWe continue with Mark Blankenship’s bigfoot encounters and then hear two more articles about possible bigfoot creatures from the 1800s.

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Episode 9 notes and links:

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Matt Deterior:   instagram: @MattDeterior


“Wild man” articles collected by Timothy for his book, Bigfoot in Pennsylvania

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