Where Did the Road Go?

Dyatlov Pass

In his follow up book on The Dyatlov Pas incident, Keith presents a bunch of new data, talks about his trip to the pass, and weighs out the most likely scenarios.




End Music by Sanjuro Fields "How the Day Breaks" from their 2013 CD Whiskey for the Dead. Find them on Facebook and Bandcamp!

So this one had a bit of a delay on it due to some audio issues. I cleaned it up and it got a bit lost in the mix. This was recorded back in July. I talk with Jeff with his ideas about Star Formation and Planet formation, and how they connect into the Electric Universe idea. 


Jeff's Youtube; https://www.youtube.com/user/MrWolynski

The Boggy Creek Monster

Seth returns to the show to talk about his latest, and third, monster documentary. Joshua Cutchin joins me as we talk Boggy Creek, Lyle Blackburn's involvement and monsters in general.


SkarabraeLaird Scranton joins me to talk about his new book on Skara Brae, and it's potential connections to the Dogons, Ancient Egypt, Gobekli Tepe, and much more...



Outro Music by Don O'Malley "The Bus Going Home"