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Where Did the Road Go?

Seriah Azkath on Kundalini and Electrical People - May 9, 2015


This was a hard show for me to do. Luke, my co-host, was a great help in this, and I discuss some very personal material here that I feel is important for some. I know growing up, it would have been a life saver if I had heard a show like this, so I hope my opening up about all this will help someone else. Opening up like this is not an easy thing for me to do, I am often silent about most of my life, relating a story here and there as applicable. If you have any experiences you wish to talk about or have questions, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Seriah

This was a unique show for Where Did the Road Go? There was no guest, just your main host Seriah, and his co-host Luke St. Clair. They discuss Seriah's experiences with spontaneous Kundalini awakening as well as electrical effects he suffered for many years afterwards. Kundalini, known more for it's style of Yoga is a powerful force. When awakened spontaneously, there is no control, and one may literally lose their mind. After searching for a guest to discuss these experiences with, Seriah, with the help of Luke, decided to do this himself. Seriah did talk about this with Micah Hanks back at the end of 2013 on The Gralien Report, which you can listen to here, but this goes more in depth. Beyond that, the conversation goes into some related experiences. 





Wallace Thornhill on The Electric Universe - May 2, 2015

wal thornhillWallace Thornhill returns to the show to talk with us about The Electric Universe. We discuss some of the new scientific discoveries and how they relate, their upcoming EU conference in June, the history of the solar system, the electic sun, and how all this relates to consciousness. Also, we lost connection a couple times near the end. I edited out those parts, but the edit isn't perfect, so if it seems things don't flow right a couple of times, that is why.


Wallace Thornhill graduated in Physics at Melbourne University in 1964 and began postgraduate studies with Prof. Victor Hopper’s upper atmosphere research group. Before entering university, he had been inspired by Immanuel Velikovsky through his controversial best-selling book, Worlds in Collision. Wal experienced first-hand the indifference and sometimes hostility toward a radical challenge to mainstream science. He realized there is no career for a heretic in academia.

Wal worked for 11 years with IBM Australia. The later years were spent in the prestigious IBM Systems Development Institute in Canberra, working on the first computer graphics system in Australia. He was the technical support for the computing facilities in the Research Schools at the Australian National University, which gave him excellent access to libraries and scientists there.

Wal was initially heavily influenced by the then revolutionary ideas of Immanuel Velikovsky of Princeton. Velikovsky proposed that mankind had been devastated in the past by cosmological events . Wal took these ideas and with his deep knowledge of astronomy and, plasma physics began his own questioning of scientific dogma. Paramount was the place of electro magnetism, as distinct from gravity, in the formation of the universe . This slowly but surely led to his and other colleagues (such as David Talbot, Donald Scott, and Anthony Peratt) questioning such ingrained theories as the big bang, black holes and Einstein’s theory of relativity. This group in particular contend that many scientific “proofs “are theory laden or mathematically concocted. An insistence on empirical data from observations and experiments gives their work true integrity. (bio taken from, more at the sight)

Wallace's site:




Aaron Gulyas and Mike Clelland on UFO History, Part 3 - 1980's - April 25, 2015


Mike Clelland and Aaron Gulyas return to the show to continue our conversation about the history of the UFO Phenomenon. This is a different view from the standard history. Mike and Aaron have different angles they see this from, and we try to lay out what is actually there, and take away some of the assumptions and dogma that often finds its way into the UFO subject. We start in the early 1980's and make it about 10 years forward. We discuss various researchers, MJ12, Wild Bill Cooper, Budd Hopkins, Whitley Strieber, Government disinformation, the abduction phenomena, and much more. This is also the first show with our new co-host Luke St. Clair.


Mike's website is and you can follow Aaron on facebook.

Part One of our talk can be found here. Part Two can by found here

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