Where Did the Road Go?

Taken in the WoodsSteph Young returns to talk about her latest book; Taken in the Woods: Disappearing and Missing People. True Accounts and Mounting Evidence: The Body Collectors; A Chronicle of Stolen Souls. We talk about missing people, ley lines, the Illuminati, invisible entities, creatures in the infrared, underground races, disembodied voices, mass suicides, and much more. 


Steph Young is an avid researcher on all supernatural, paranormal, and esoteric enigmas. Facebook: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Steph Young

stephyoungWe welcome to the show Steph Young, an independent Researcher & Author with number one Bestsellers in Amazon's Unexplained Mysteries, Ancient & Controversial Knowledge, and the Occult. She is addicted to researching all Paranormal, Supernatural, Esoteric & Enigmatic mysteries. Each book written seems to lead to further questions and searches for answers as the mysteries inevitably deepen & develop into ever more complex riddles in the spectrum of the Unknown. We discuss strange missing persons cases and cases of unusual deaths, both in the woods and in urban areas, and cross over to some of what David Paulides covers in his Missing 411 work. Most of it can be found in her latest book, Something in the Woods is Taking People. You can find Steph at her Facebook page. She also writes as Tessy Rawlins and writes on Angels, Near Death Experiences, and the like. Her darker material is under the name Stephen Young. 

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