Where Did the Road Go?


In this midweek show, I we discuss the story of Carlos Casteneda, who he was, whether or not what he wrote about was true, and what happened at the end. It's an exploration of the cultural impact Carlos had, and the dangers of such magnetic personalities.


The Salon article we discuss can be found here.

You can find more about Adam at his website; www.adamgorightly.com.


The Nightmare

On this midweek podcast (with Joshua Cutchin, Michael Hughes, and Red Pill Junkie), we talk further about Sleep Paralysis, The Nightmare, Night Terrors, and other connected things by going over some of the comments and emails we have received as a result of the show. It takes us to some very interesting places...


MiDweekJosh and Red Pill recount their Paramania adventure of the previous weekend. We also get into conspiracy theories as they visit Daley Plaza, and at the end talk about some creepy videos...


mikejoshrpj1On this show, I am joined by Joshua Cutchin, Red Pill Junkie, and Michael Hughes. We discuss at length the Documentary, The Nightmare, and from there explore the concept of Sleep Paralysis, how science explains it, and what may really be going on. We discuss the many connections to the UFO Phenomenon and Altered States of consciousness. Mike also gets into his very strange sleep paralysis experience. 


If you have any stories of your own that you wish to share, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also, please feel free to discuss in our forum!


On this midweek Episode with Red Pill Junkie and Joshua Cutchin, Red Pill Junkie talks about his visit to The UFO Congress 2016 and getting to meet Jacques Vallee. We then move on to discuss this article on The Electric Universe. http://motherboard.vice.com/read/electric-universe-theory-thunderbolts-project-wallace-thornhill


Area 51 Gralien Project BannerSeriah's second appearance on The Gralien Report. This time a roundtable with Red Pill Junkie and Joshua Cutchin on Consciousness...


Red Pill Junkie, Joshua Cutchin, and Michael Hughes join us for a conversation about the Esoteric Side of David Bowie, as we explore Occult connections in his life and music...


End Music: Static People "Moonage Daydream"


We are joined on this mid-week podcast by Greg Bishop, and we attempt to compare Old School UFO research to modern day. In a perfect demonstration of losing the road, this conversation goes ALL over the place...  Enjoy.




This is Part 3 of our top stories of 2015, and we talk about Art Bell, The Church of Satan, Dyson Spheres, Antikirthera, Superhenge, Hubble, Deep Dream, Cyborgs, Mars, UFO's, and much more...  Michael Hughes was unable to join us for this final part.




In this three part show, we discuss some of the top stories from 2015. From the paranormal to ancient civilizations, to big movie releases, and returning TV shows, to noteworthy deaths, we go all over the place. This is part two. I am joined by Red Pill Junkie, Joshia Cutchin, and Michael Hughes.


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