The Great Pyramid Hoax: The Conspiracy to Conceal the True History of Ancient Egypt by Scott Creighton (2016)

The Great Pyramid Hoax by Scott Creighton is a fantastic piece of work. He painstakingly works his way through the history of the discovery of the marks in the relieving chamber above the King’s Chamber, and how they were likely hoaxed. Now, this is an old theory put forth by Zachariah Sitchin, and he was wrong about his evidence. However, Scott digs through journals not investigated thus far, and assembles a host of evidence to show that in all likelihood, the most of the markings that are used to date the Great Pyramid, were created in the 19th century by Howard Vyse. This is not a collection of unsubstantiated theory, but relies on overwhelming facts and evidence that supports the idea that those markings were hoaxed, and if that is the case, the one identifier we have for the creator and age of the Great Pyramid is gone. This is an important piece of work.

Seriah is the host of Where Did the Road Go?