A Trojan Feast by Joshua Cutchin (2015)

In A Trojan Feast: The Food and Drink Offerings of Aliens, Faeries, and Sasquatch, Joshua has approached a field that has an amazing amount written about it, and found a new way to analyze it. In looking at Fairies, UFO’s and Sasquatch in how they take or give food during encounters, Josh finds us some very interesting patterns. In reading this, I think it strengthens the connection between the various fairy faiths and UFO encounters. In fact, many times, Joshua will relate an ‘encounter’ and not tell you from which lore it comes, and you will find that one sounds very much like the other. The amount of material here is impressive. No one has looked at it from this standpoint, and Joshua also takes it beyond, to hallucinogens and sexuality in these encounters. He looks at the idea of energy in the food being the key thing, not the food itself. It’s a very well thought out, and well written book. This is Joshua’s first book, and he’s off to a great start. It’s thought provoking, full of data, easy to read, and entertaining. There are connections here no one has made before. Definitely a must read for anyone applying an open mind to this phenomena!

Seriah is the host of Where Did the Road Go?