Missing 411: A Sobering Coincidence by David Paulides (2015)

In this volume of Missing 411, David takes things in a very different direction. He is looking into the patterns of disappearances, mainly on or around college campuses, which end with the victims found dead in the nearby water. These people are often young, late teens and early 20's, often disappear very suddenly, and are found in places that do not make sense, which have usually been searched before, and often without any clear cut cause of death. Almost all of these cases end with the victim being found in the water. These cases are systematically dismissed by law enforcement, and that may be because they have no good answers for the facts of them. The more you read through these, the more you see the pattern. The official response is that you have college students getting drunk and falling into the river / pond / lake, what have you, and there are some cases where perhaps that did happen. Most of these, though, you find the person could not have been in the water as long as they were missing, so they were somewhere else for days, sometimes weeks, and then ended up in the water. Victims will disappear from bars, or just outside bars, and are never see again. There are variations. Searches reveal nothing. Then, someone finds the body, in a location that was thoroughly searched, weeks or months later. As you read through these cases, you can plainly see the facts don't add up. He also deals with some other strange water related deaths, that are slightly different in pattern at first glance, but have some of the same elements present. It's disturbing. David also ties it into the previous Missing 411 work. Again, the overall archetype is there, even if the details look different at first. Something is happening to these people. Something that we do not have all the pieces to. As David collects these cases, we can see bits here and there, the reactions on the phone just before someone disappears, the comments of coroners, the lack of memory from the occasional survivor, the way people get places they shouldn't be able to, to name a few. I don't know what is happening to these people, and honestly it's a little mind boggling. Now, however, we know it's not just in National Parks. Whatever it is, it has never been caught. Whatever it is, it is still out there.

The Book sells for $24.95 on David's website. Do not pay more at Amazon or any other re-seller. David only sells them through his site.

Seriah is the host of Where Did the Road Go?