Point of Origin by Laird Scranton (2015)

Point of Origin: Gobekli Tepe and the Spiritual Matrix for the World's Cosmologies by Laird Scranton is one hell of a deep exploration of our ancient past. Laird takes a path no one else has tread with this material, he makes connections in the symbolism, cosmology, myths, and more of various different cultures, and shows their commonality in the ancient path. The more he explores this, the more connections become relevant. He can demonstrate, pretty clearly, that various cultures around the world all share a common group of symbols and language. These relate to cosmology and science. These were civilizing factors, that over time have become distorted. Laird argues that the Dogon tribe have one of the most pure forms of this teaching. There are also connections to reality, how they see the world and creation, multiple dimensions, the structure of matter, and what else may be out there. The first part of the book covers Laird's previous work. There is some new material covered as well, but it is necessary for anyone who hasn't read the previous books. Then he gets into Gobekli Tepe, and how it may represent a center from where all these different cultures diverge. Or one of them, anyways. This book is very deep in the material it covers, and very unique in so many ways. Laird Scranton stands alone in this work, he has brilliantly deciphered evidence of something very important in our distant past. The meaning of which is profound. A must read.

Seriah is the host of Where Did the Road Go?