Soul Traveler by Albert Taylor (1996)

Soul Traveler; A Guide to Out of Body Experiences and the Wonders Beyond is a great read. I have the 1996 version, which is a bit shorter than the 2000 version. This was a really enjoyable read. Albert is very down to earth and matter of fact about his experiences. It's a very easy read, and Albert writes in a very personal way. It goes through his discovery of the out of body state, and his experiences in it. He has much of it written like journal entries that he copied over and he reflects on the meaning of each experience. He also talks of not knowing where to turn when all of this started spontaneously happening to him. A quick read, but well worth it. At the end he gives some tips on having your own out of body experiences. Definitely worth picking up if you are curious about OBE's.

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