The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences by Penny Sartori (2014)

The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences; How Understanding NDE's Can Help Us Live More Fully is a comprehensive study of not just Near-Death Experiences. Working with dying patients on a regular basis, Penny sought to explore what they were experiencing in the Near-Death state. A skeptic turned believer in the phenomenon, as many who honestly study it become, this book explores not only that unusual state, but how we treat death, and subsequently, life. She explores the after effects of the NDE, the way that it changes almost everyone who has one, and the common themes, she deals with the NDE's of children, and how the experience varies from culture to culture. She also openly explores various explanations for the NDE, and their strengths and weaknesses. It is written in a very personal way, many of the stories coming from people she either directly interviewed or who have written her. She discusses some other unusual death experiences, such as Alzheimer patients becoming lucid just before death, lights being seen around a dying person, and even shared death experiences, where loved ones share a vision with the person dying. Penny presents this in a very non-speculative way, simply reporting the experiences, and showing their commonalities. A really wonderful book on the subject, and very much worth reading.

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