Stalking the Herd by Christopher O'Brien (2014)

Stalking the Herd; Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery is an epic volume of work. At around 550 pages, it is the most comprehensive study of cattle mutilation I have ever seen. It begins with the history of our relationship to cattle, throughout time, through myth and ritual, and the horrible way in which we process cattle today. He covers cases of mutes (as they are called) in the middle ages and right up to the present eruption of cases in the mid-1900's. The book goes deep into the various incidents through the decades of the modern phenomena, taking everything apart in depth. At the end, Christopher tries to bring all the data to some sort of logical conclusion. The problem is disturbing and perplexing. You will walk away from reading this with a very different view of what really may be going on, and there aren't any easy answers. The implications are both confusing and disturbing. You will see that there seem to be at least two distinct things going on, one involving the government or some similar earthly agency (and why they would be doing this is even more worrisome) and another that is highly strange and hard to explain with any known earthly means. It's a mystery where, every time you think you know what is going on, you get the rug pulled out from beneath you. The author himself had some strange synchronicity while working on the book as well. I think this is an important piece of work. It is not full of speculation and pet theories. It is facts, laid out bare, and compiled to for some kind of overview, really for the first time. A must read.


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