China's Cosmological Pre-History by Laird Scranton (2014)

China's Cosmological Prehistory; The Sophisticated Science Encoded in Civilization's Earliest Symbols is the fourth in a series by Laird Scranton. With each book, the work he lays out becomes more and more intriguing. In the past he has shown connections between the Dogon Tribe, Egypt, ancient Hebrew texts, and India and Tibet. Laird works with the symbols. It's not always the most exciting work, but the implications are important. In looking at the oldest versions of glyphs and symbols, Laird reveals that so many of these ancient cultures have similarities that can not be put down to mere coincidence. Often the symbols and language have a dual meaning that is not instinctive, and yet he finds that dual meaning crossing ancient cultures. The structures of the stupa and yurt across cultures seem to contain similar ideas. In the end it all suggests one master culture whose ideas were dispersed across the world at some point in great antiquity. Whether that is due to a culture disintegrating due to natural disaster, and the survivors retaining some of the knowledge and language, or whether it was taught to them, the connections are there, and they are deep in the past. Laird is set to continue this work in his next book, Point of Origin

Laird's unofficial website can be found here.

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