The Secret Chamber of Osiris by Scott Creighton (2015)

The Secret Chamber of Osiris; Lost Knowledge of the Sixteen Pyramids, is Scott Creighton's second book, following up The Giza Prophecy. First off, this was an enjoyable read. Scott starts with his theory of where there may be a hidden chamber near Giza. He lays out his thought process and potential evidence, and then tells the story of what happened when he tried to go to said area. Unfortunately, there is no resolution one way or another in this subject. What he does do well, is taking apart the standard Egyptology model of thought and theory as it relates to Giza. He delves into the legends of secret chambers, he thoroughly investigates Howard Vyse and tries to determine if he may have committed forgery in the relieving chambers above the King's Chamber. He explores the possibility of cycles of deluge and drought, and what may have been their cause. He speculates about the true age of the pyramids, lays out evidence to support the older age of the Sphinx, and makes a compelling argument as to what the 16 original Pyramids really were. He even includes his own theory about how the pyramids were built. Overall, a good read, some quality information, and I feel that it presents some intriguing possibilities. 

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